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Affirmations to get you through the day

CEBU CITY, Philippines— What do you think about meditation?

Most probably think it’s about things like lifting themselves up from the floor.

Not to burst your bubbles, but meditation is a lot more than that.

Meditation helps us keep going and realign ourselves to get through the day.

Here, let these short affirmations get you through a quick meditation in between a day’s work:

I am doing good

Start your day by knowing that you are in control of yourself and that the day will go your way. If the day goes south, don’t point the finger at yourself, but rather look at it as something you can learn from, and with that, you can still affirm that you have and are doing good.

I am calm and patient

If everything’s just going way too fast, pause, breathe, and be mindful of your actions and thoughts. You are calm and patient and you can get things done efficiently with fewer do-overs because of hasty mistakes.

I am worthy and talented

Feeling a little under the weather? Don’t let others’ judgment or yours cloud your mind. Get out of there and just know that you are worthy of where you are and that you are talented that’s why you are there.

I am focused

Keep this in mind no matter how small or big the situation is. Nothing is more satisfying than doing things with a focused and balanced mind.

I am not my mistakes

Your faults don’t define you. They make you. Your mistakes help you determine your limits, capabilities, and knowledge. This will help you know you better.

Meditating can be done any time of the day and anywhere. You just have to know how to take a deep breath, let it out, and know that your affirmations will guide you through the day.


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