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Band in Bohol holds gigs in Bohol’s top tourist destinations

Jam403. | Photo from Maxigne De Lusa

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Free gigs with a view?

Yes, please!

JAM403 got everyone covered with this one as the band showcased their sweet tunes in some of the finest locations in Bohol.

Krizia Marie Gango Lasaca, the vocalist of the band, shared with CDN Digital how she and her band members, Brandon Ungab and Aldoes Lasaca, came up with this idea.

“JAM403 Band aims to do their #SunsetSessions / #SUROYsessions at all the amazing spots here in Bohol to help boost Bohol tourism and showcase the beauty of Bohol to attract people to visit the province (when it is already safe to travel of course) since Bohol economy that depends so much to tourism has been greatly affected by the pandemic,” she said.

For their first virtual gig last Sunday, April 11, 2021, they highlighted the world-renowned Chocolate Hills.

For a year now, the band has been doing free gigs online with the help of some of their partners to entertain netizens.

Jam403. | Photo from Erik Karcher

“Every show is dedicated to all the netizens on Facebook, especially to the Boholanos who were not able to come home yet since the lockdown last year,” she added.

They do their gigs every other two weeks for safety measures and make sure that they are all following healthy protocols.

If you wish to jam with this acoustic band in Bohol, you can visit their page Jam403 Acoustic.

Check them out as their next online live gig will be done while cruising the famous Loboc River.


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