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May Leuterio: The wife, mom behind a successful businessman

By: - May 09, 2021

Entrepreneurs are a unique blend of hopefuls, innovators, risk-takers, and inventors. They are focused on everything they do to reach success and achieve their goals when it comes to their business. 

While we see the grandeur in most successful entrepreneurs, behind most of them are their romantic partners who support them and walk with them on the path towards success. 

In celebration of Mother’s Day, let Flora May Leuterio, wife of Anthony Leuterio, founder of Filipino Homes, be an inspiration as she shares her role in supporting her partner in business as a wife and a mother. 

Marrying a businessman takes a lot of gumption 

Most businessmen are very hardworking and are basically tied down with their work. They are career-driven people and for May, marrying one isn’t exactly a walk in the park. 

“As a wife of the founder of Filipino Homes, it’s not that very easy specially in balancing the time and attention on business and family matters,” she says. 

She notes that as a wife of a businessman, helping run the business and raising a family at the same time can be very challenging. It is a reality that most mothers and wives who double as entrepreneurs experience. 

In times of challenges, May shares that having patience and understanding is very important. As a business owner’s wife, one should understand that their partner’s work is not an easy feat and the workload is just as demanding. It is in situations like these that they need their wife’s support more than ever and she should always be there to extend a helping hand. 

There are challenges along the way 

Like most couples face, May says that the marriage she shares with Anthony is not without its challenges.

“There are a lot of challenges in life as a married couple especially that my husband is an entrepreneur. However, we always see to it that we always put God first in every undertaking — may it be business or family activities. We are always trusting in God’s intervention to help and prosper our endeavors,” she says. 

May also shares her experience that when married to an entrepreneur, one may often feel neglected or alone and that the line between their business and personal lives can sometimes get blurred. But she always reminds herself that the challenges are all part of being committed to their relationship and marriage. 

Instead of being discouraged and dejected, May continues to keep things going with their family and hold the relationship together by supporting their business in her own ways. 

“I always support our business in many ways. If my hand is needed for activities that I can handle, staff management, and also moral support on some concerns, I can contribute to it with the best of my abilities,” she adds. 

Seeing the family succeed is exciting and fulfilling

For May, as a wife and a mother, it’s not just her husband that needs her support but her four children as well. And building a business from the ground up with her husband and paving a path in achieving greatness with her children takes time. 

She admits that as her family strives to reach their dreams in life, there has been little time left for their family to bond. To mend this, she reminds them to spend quality time with each other to further strengthen their bond. 

“There is a little time left for family or socializing with friends. However, we always see to it that there is an allocated time to bond nowadays, especially during Sundays, special occasions, unwinding with friends and sharing our blessings to the society like outreach programs and donations in civic and religious activities,” she says. 

While the members of her family may have been busy with their aspirations, nonetheless, May can’t help but be proud of her family as she supports them in their lives, guided with love and patience. 

When asked about her advice to all the moms and wives who are in a relationship with an entrepreneur, she has this to say. 

More patience and understanding are all much needed to support your husband’s busy schedule. Always see to it also that you being a mother and wife is constant and present in everyday living. Be mindful that all family concerns are well taken care of especially in the absence of your husband.”


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