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A breathtaking underwater photo makes waves online

UNDERWATER PHOTO of freediver Christine Armie Marquez in Aloguinsan town.

📷 : John Sas-Kyo

CEBU CITY, Philippines— How long can you hold your breath?

For some, 10 seconds would feel like a minute, but for this lady freediver in Moalboal a minute can go a long way.

Christine Armie Marquez holds her breath and posed for the camera to celebrate her new Philippine National Record for Constant Weight No-Fins for the women’s division which she achieved during the AIDA Panglao Freediving Depth Competition.

How deep you ask? She can go as deep as 38 meters down with no fins.

Amazing, isn’t it?

This young mother is not just showcasing her skills in freediving but also makes the underwater world of Aloguinsan look like a perfect location for a movie.

Her underwater photographer friend John Sas-Kyo is the man behind this fascinating photo.

CDN Digital posted the photo on My 15, 2021 and as of Sunday, May 16, the photo has been shared 694 times with 7,200 reactions and 270 comments.

Doesn’t this photo make you just want to go on a beach trip?

Hats off, ka-Siloy Christine Armie Marquez!


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