‘Tropical State of Mind’ : Cebuana singer’s song to be featured in BBC

By: - May 20, 2021

“It’s like I’m floating really in good vibes right now.”

These were the words said by budding Cebuana singer Melody Hudgson when she heard that the song was among those featured on BBC Music’s Radio Tees.

Hudgson was also featured at CDN Digital’s Lockdown: a break from the outbreak series last October 1, 2020.

For 25 days her song titled ‘Tropical State of Mind” will be featured on their music platform along with 26 other artists across the British region.

“Tropical State of Mind,” according to Hudgson, is a song that puts listeners in a trance, “The tropical vibes when you’re at the beach or on vacation.”

Co-written by the Ugly Heads, a local modern jazz/funk band in Northen UK, “Tropical State of Mind” also takes on a deeper meaning about love, when two people are at the onset of their relationship and finding meaning from their presence. 


Hudgson also thanked Micheal and Jordan Swain for the collaboration which allowed her to explore more her musical abilities.

Although the process of creating music is not new for hudgson, she said their only challenge was their time difference since she’s currently in Cebu while the two are in the United Kingdom.

“The process took a while as we had to send audio files and our comments/ideas back and forth from Cebu to UK and the time zone is way different so it was a challenge but it was so much fun putting in my own snax to an already beautiful track,” said hudgson. 

“Jordan & Michael aka the Ugly Heads are a dream team,” she added. 

And when the song came to a finish, Hudgson said she felt proud and cried when she heard the song.

“To be honest I cried hearing my name being announced on the BBC Introducing as I remember 3 years ago I’d listen to the same station hoping one day I’d get to be on it and now I am it’s so surreal gyud,” she said.

Hudgson also said that she was also working on new music of her own and could not wait to share it with everyone.

But for now, listen to the “Tropical State of Mind” through this link: 


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