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What comes next after a swab test?

By: - May 26, 2021

RT-PCR Swab Tests are absolutely essential in the fight against COVID-19. But for treatment and monitoring of symptoms, they are just the tip of the iceberg.

Hi-Precision Diagnostics Cebu has five kinds of COVID tests, three antibody tests by blood extraction, a cPass neutralizing antibody test for send-out to Manila, and an antigen test by nasal swab to detect whether someone either currently has or has been previously exposed to COVID-19.  

For those who have tested positive for COVID-19, Hi-Precision provides special COVID-19 Monitoring Packages designed to monitor current symptoms and know your risk for severe infection from the disease.  Data from these tests is a valuable resource for your doctors and hospital to provide quick and life-saving treatment.

So here are some common and inexpensive, yet extremely vital medical tests for you to track your progress.


A standard procedure, this blood test provides the levels of hemoglobin, white blood cells, platelets, hematocrit found in your human body.  This is important for two main reasons. First, they provide biomarkers to how strong your immune system is, and also determine whether a patient has developed a bacterial infection because of complications arising from the COVID virus. Secondly, a drop in platelets and white blood cells may be a sign of dengue, not COVID. Both diseases are currently widespread in the country and have many of the same symptoms during its early stages. Not only that, there have been rare instances where the dengue virus triggers a false positive in COVID swab test and vice versa. Having a supplementary CBC exam can help your doctor get a better understanding of your immune system’s response and respond in the best way. 


Whereas CBC provides a “big picture” image on the health of your blood cells, CRP measures the number of C-Reactive Protein in your body. By measuring the CRP levels in your body, doctors can determine whether you have severe inflammation in your blood vessels caused by a COVID-19 infection. In some people, COVID-19 sometimes triggers blood clots which could give rise to potentially fatal lung and kidney failure. This medical test measures your risk for developing this reaction so doctors can provide you the right treatment to prevent this from occurring.


Procalcitonin is very simple to the CRP test, only instead of measuring levels of CRP, it instead measures your level of Procalcitonin to determine your risk for developing septic shock. Sepsis or septic shock is the severe response to an infection, which may lead to lung, heart, or brain damage, or even death. COVID-19 can trigger sepsis in individuals with a weaker immune system, but doctors can administer special antibiotics to fight infections early on to prevent such a potentially fatal immune response. 


Contrary to popular belief, COVID-19 can still harm you even if you are asymptomatic. Some people who get exposed to COVID do not get fever or coughs, but instead develop long-term build-up of inflammation in their lungs. Patients who have this may not feel anything at first, but if left untreated this could lead to slurring of speech and difficulty breathing. The only way to detect this build-up early is through a Chest X-ray exam so as to identify any potential long-term damage caused by COVID virus before it is too late. 


Hi-Precision Cebu’s Monitoring Package allows patients to track their progress in fighting COVID-19, and this data is especially important for those recovering from home. Hi-Precision Diagnostics offers not only home service but also online results for the convenience and safety of patients. A valuable tool for those recovering at home is a Pulse Oximeter, which monitors oxygen saturation levels available in major online shopping platforms. If a person’s oxygen level is below 94%, then he/she must be admitted to a hospital as soon as possible.  

With the increasing availability of vaccines, it looks like we are finally winning in the fight against COVID-19. However, we must still remain vigilant in social distancing even after getting vaccinated given newer strains and variants of the virus. But the most important tool we have in saving lives is early detection and testing. 

Hi-Precision Diagnostics offers several COVID-19 Monitoring Packages for various patients. Please consult your doctor for the one that is best for you. For more information, like and follow Hi-Precision Diagnostics Cebu’s official social media accounts or contact their landline at 888 2222 or text/Viber at 09177703638.

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