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Boy injures finger while answering modules; gets aid at Kasambagan health center

By: - June 10, 2021

IT all started with a bruise that later on became infected.

John Lorence Leones, 15, injured his finger from spending long hours working on his modules.

According to his mother, Mercy, John, a grade 10 student at the Mabolo National High School, is taking his lessons seriously because he wanted to maintain good grades and hopefully land a good job when he finishes his studies and provide for his family.

John plans to enrol in an engineering course at Cebu Technological University.

“Makita gyud nako kung unsa ka naning akung anak. Mag answer siya sa iyang module from 8am ug ma human na mga 12 or 1 am kai ganahan siya na han.ay ug sakto iyang trabaho,” said Mercy in a phone interview with CDN Digital.

(I can see how diligent he is. He answers his modules from 8 a.m. until 12 noon or 1 p.m. because he wanted everything to be in order and done correctly.)

And John would always go the extra mile in order to earn additional points.

“Ana man gyud siya na kung naay drawings or mga diagram iyang answer naay extra points,” says Mercy.

(If drawings or diagrams are found on his answer sheet, he gets extra points for that.)

“Kung ang ubang mama sir ma lipay na naning kayon atong mga anak, ako sir mag guol ko kai kadlawn na ma tulog nya sayo kayo mo mata kai mag tiwas nasad na buhaton,” she added.

(Unlike other mothers who are happy to see their children diligent with their school work, I cannot help but worry because he sleeps very late and wakes up early the next day to finish his school activities.)

John Leones receives an anti-tetanus shot at the Kasambagan Health Center for his infected finger.  | Contributed Photo

And just as she feared, John was unmindful that his hard work was already taking a tool on his health.

John bruised his finger while answering his school works.  The bruise became an infected wound.  And he started to feel pain every time that he would answer his modules.

Not wanting to see her son suffer, Mercy brought John to the health center in Barangay Kasambagan for check up.

Mercy said she could not afford to bring John to a hospital because she does not have the needed cash to pay for the services of a private doctor.

Her husband lost his job when the pandemic hit last year.

The government doctor, who checked on John, told Mercy that he could have had tetanus if they allowed his infection to worsen.

He also received his anti-tetanus shot at the health center, free of charge.

Now that John is already recovering from his infection, Mercy made a promise to always keep an eye on her son to especially make sure that he does not overwork.

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