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Dads are cool because…

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Fathers are the generals in each household.

What they usually say, is what should be done.

But with this strict demeanor, fathers have a soft side, too.

Dads are children’s biggest superheroes because of the cool little things they do.

Read on.

They’re usually calmer than mom

Hi, mom! If you are reading this, we are sure you will agree with this. Dads are calmer because they try and weigh things out or because they are the last to know and things and emotions have already subsided. But don’t be too complacent about this. Sometimes, they also mean serious business.

Says yes most of the time

Dads seldom say no and that makes them cool, right!? Dads worry like moms too but dads don’t overthink like moms do. That’s why they say yes most of the time. But once you break their trust on that one sweet yes, forget about the next time you ask.

More adventurous 

It is a fact that mothers would just like to prepare things for the family while dad makes things exciting and safe in every adventure trip. Don’t believe? Try asking dad and mom what’s a great idea of a bonding for the weekend. Compare their answers.

Always backs you up

When you break a vase in your house when you were younger, your dad will be your lawyer in ways he knows he can defend you.  He will defend you like his life is counting on it.

Teaches you to build and fix things

Most of the mothers can build and fix things too but it’s like a standard in a home to have the dad teach how to build things and fix things. This is one of the many things a dad can simply pass on to his kids, to be skillful and resourceful.

Don’t get us wrong, moms are cool too. But this Father’s Day, let’s give the spotlight to our dads, who make sure to provide for our families not just with things but also will love and memories.


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