Cebu Wear: Local fashion with pride

By: - September 14, 2021

They say that fashion and culture go hand-in-hand.

It is rooted in the idea that the clothes people wear are dependent on what is available from their resources, environment, culture, and heritage.

So when we say Cebu Fashion, what is it really?

To establish a definite concept of what Cebu Fashion really is, Dexter Alazas, a Cebu-grown fashion designer, together with other Cebuano creatives, launched the Cebu Wear social media campaign.

The campaign’s mission is to rebrand the local fashion mindset by incorporating a Cebu-made statement piece to one’s personal style.

“To be honest, Cebu, for me, is the least of all Filipinos who are proud to wear something local. Sometimes they find it too ethnic or costume-y, but that to me is the missing link,” Alazas said. This concern then sparked the Cebu Wear idea.

“By just adding even 1 statement piece from a Cebuano designer, accessories maker, jeweler, or T-shirt company as long as it has a Filipino or Cebuano reference then you mix it with your own personal style, then that is already Cebu Wear to me,” he added.

That is why to further boost the Cebuano identity and culture through fashion, the people behind the Cebu Wear campaign and the “Localites” (the term that Alazas’ use to call the supporters of Cebu Wear,) encourage Cebuanos from all walks of style to wear Cebu fashion with pride.

If you’re at a loss on how to incorporate local designs into your personal style, check how these “Localites” transformed their looks with Cebu Wear.

Mix it to your casual clothing

Bobbit Patag, Manila Fashion Director, Benhur Caballes, General Manager of Waterfront Airport Hotel & Casino Mactan, Engineer Joe France Canizares, Scarlet Comendador, and Margaux Herrera Caya in their Barong and Sun ALIAZ shirts. | Contributed Photo

Amp up your casual everyday look with a shirt designed with cultural patterns. Just like Bobbit Patag, Manila Fashion Director, Benhur Caballes, General Manager of Waterfront Airport Hotel & Casino Mactan, Engineer Joe France Canizares, Scarlet Comendador, and Margaux Herrera Caya, you can replicate a casual/chic look with these Barong and Sun inspired prints from Alaza’s ALIAZ line of shirts. The cultural prints and patterns can offer elegance without looking too uptight or formal.

These ALIAZ shirts are also well-received by Congressman Toffi Devenecia of Pangasinan and he has supported the campaign with 15 Sun shirts.

Go all-in with the accessories

First Lady of Lapu-lapu and Tourism Chairman, Cindi King Chan in Alazas’ hablon wrap vest. | Contributed Photo

To elevate your ensemble without the full cultural garb, try to put on an outfit and accessorize. May it be a piece of jewelry, a pin, or a scarf, adding accessories can put together your whole look. See how Cindi King Chan’s handloom vest spiced up her outfit.

You can also accessorize your look with these limited edition Hablonuevo candy pouches.

Add it to your formal attire

Liloan Mayor Christina Garcia Frasco in hablon wrap vest. | Contributed Photo

Who would have thought that adding a traditional textile to your formal attire can make your look appear more put together and interesting? Check out this vest worn by Liloan Mayor Christina Garcia Frasco. It is made from handloom fabric from the Argao hablon and is part of Alazas’ Hablonuevo collection.

Sport a jacket to it

Liloan Mayor Christina Garcia Frasco in a sporty casual. | Contributed Photo

To add a much-needed accent to your basic casual look, why not wear a jacket? Liloan Mayor Christina Garcia Frasco styles her ALIAZ shirt with a jacket and we just can’t help but love her sporty casual OOTD. It’s not just fashionable but creative and comfy as well.

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Match it with denim

Lyn Dy Ong in a denim casual business look. | Contributed Photo

Perfect for a casual day, one can never go wrong to match an intricate traditional print with denim pants or a jacket. Like how Lyn Dy Ong styled her casual business look, she donned her ALIAZ shirt to match with her denim garments. Adding loafers to complete her attire, she really looks comfy, cool, and cultured.

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To join the Cebu Wear campaign and to be a certified “Localite,” you can simply post a photo of yourself wearing a Cebuano design, from a local apparel designer to an accessory maker, or any Cebu made wearable pieces, using the hashtag #CebuWear #WearCebu on your social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and other social media platforms.

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