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Being bullied online? Read on!

By: - October 13, 2021

Nowadays, technology, the internet, and social media are part of almost everyone’s lives, especially when the global health crisis started.

Everything moved online: school, work, celebrations, etc. Social media became our respite to be entertained and stay connected.

Unfortunately, not all connections made in the digital space are healthy and safe. There are bullies who found their ways to the internet to continue oppressing potential victims.

In celebration of the ‘National Stop Bullying Day,’ here are some effective ways on how to deal with online bullying.

Do not respond

Bullies thrive off of fear and negative responses to their abuse. It makes them feel that they have power over you. If possible, remove yourself from the situation by being unresponsive and unbothered. There is a chance that they will get bored with you and your lack of response.

Take screenshots

The only good thing about online bullying is that you can easily save and capture evidence. If things didn’t turn out for the better, taking screenshots can serve as physical evidence to support your claim when you report it to the authorities.

Only respond when you’re calmer

If ignoring doesn’t work, maybe it’s time to respond. But first, think things through before contacting the person who is bullying you.  Use calm and neutral language and be respectful in approaching them and try not to come off in an aggressive manner.

Never retaliate

Be the bigger person. Getting back at a bully turns you into one and only further perpetuates the cycle of violence. It does nothing to solve the problem.

Talk about it

There’s no harm in reaching out for help if the bullying is really getting to you. Talk with a parent, friend, teacher, or someone who can be supportive. They can only help if they know about the problem.

Block the bully

Whether the harassment’s in an app or through text,  do yourself a favor and block the person. It might not end the bullying but you don’t need the harassment in your face, and you’ll be less tempted to respond if you can’t see their messages.



Why are we bullied?

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