Megan Young shares tips for a lasting relationship

CEBU, Philippines—Megan Young on Thursday, November 11, shares tips for a lasting relationship on her Instagram page. 

Young shared one of the most important things she and husband Mikael Daez have that is one of the pillars of their relationship.

“Honest Communication.”

It’s one thing to be honest. You could be frank with someone, sure. But is that message being understood?

It’s one thing to communicate but are you being honest about your feelings?” Young said. 

Young admitted some things did not happen all at once in their relationship and that it also takes effort to be in a relationship. 

She stressed that being honest about one’s feelings is one of the key factors behind every relationship goal. 

“I had to learn how to bring these two factors together because being honest about how I feel and being able to communicate to Fofo how we can improve on certain things didn’t come as natural to me.

It took time, conscious effort, some arguments and misunderstandings to reach a point that I can honestly communicate with him.

We all have our faults but what’s important is that we are aware and that we strive to always be better,” she said.

The beauty queen-actress also announced she would start a podcast that would tackle relationship issues soon.

“Getting the podcast on a roll pretty soon 💙 Any topics you guys would like us to discuss? #BehindRelationshipGoals,” she wrote as a caption.///

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