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Experience what it feels like to visit the Visayas Art Fair

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Finally!

The Visayas Art Fair has officially opened in Cebu City.

Having the fair is like a breath of fresh air for people, who are looking for something new, after having experienced nearly two years of strict quarantine restrictions.

It was a surreal experience for every visitor and exhibitor to see art enthusiast marvel on the different art pieces and the talents of these creatives and artists. 

Want to know what it feels like to be in a area that is filled with art and talents? 

Read on. 

Proud— looking at the art pieces, installations, creations and many more, you fell a sense of pride. Proud of being a Bisaya and proud to be a Filipino. All the amount of passion and artistry each work represents will give you nothing but a heart filled with pride. 

Amazed— this word may be cliche to others but looking at the different art pieces will make your jaw drop, your eyes to glisten. 

Art Fair

Art fair Art fair

Exquisite— some of us have never been to an art exhibit, all the more an art fair.  This art fair in Cebu makes you feel like you are walking into the lives of these artists and creatives. You get to feel how prized these possession are. 

Excited— this is not the typical gathering of art-kind-of thing.  It is a more interactive kind of fair. With interactive art pieces that will make you squeal in excitement and clap in awe and will surely make you want to come back for more. 

Art Fair Art Fair

Fresh— this is one of the best things that has happened here in Cebu during this pandemic. It is something new and exciting for everyone, especially to our artists and exhibitors. 

Safe— the venue makes you feel very safe.  And because of the well-ventilated areas, you get to enjoy the art pieces, various classes and talks, art installations and the events that highlight creative creations without a drop of sweat.

Art Fair Art Fair Art Fair Art Fair Art Fair

Have you visited the art fair? If not, you still have today and tomorrow to marvel on all the beautiful art pieces that they have on display.  


What to expect in Visayas’ largest art fair yet

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