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Features we love in the 2022 Isuzu MU-X

By: - January 22, 2022

Cebu City, Philippines–As we welcome a new year, let’s take a look at one of the SUVs that we believe could make a splash in 2022.

Enter the 2022 Isuzu MU-X.

One thing we can say for sure is that the all-new MU-X is a huge improvement from its predecessor launched here in 2014.

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At first glance, one would immediately notice the slimmer headlights and a pulled-back front bumper, which gives the midsize SUV a sharper look.

2022 MU-X

The 2022 Isuzu MU-X at the Isuzu Mandaue dealership in Jagobiao, Mandaue City. CDN Digital photo | Brian J. Ochoa

While the exterior look is really impressive–especially the minimalist rear end that sets it apart from the competition (Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Montero Sport, Ford Everest, and Nissan Terra)–there are several features that we think SUV fanatics would love in the MU-X.

Here are some of them:

Well laid out cockpit

2022 Mu-X

Simple layout of controls and gauges makes the MU-X’s cockpit one of the best in the class. CDN Digital photo | Brian J. Ochoa

The action starts at the cockpit, with the interior filled hexagonal forms with rounded edges that gives it a somewhat elegant look.

Gauges and controls are well laid out, all within the driver’s reach to make it easy to drive. Ergonomics are also good, highlighted by a wide range of electric adjustments for the driver’s seat and a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel.

2022 MU-X

The MU-X’s shift knob is surrounded by buttons and an electronic controlled parking brake lever. CDN Digital photo | Brian J. Ochoa

2022 MU-X

Toggle switches add a bit of class to the MU-X’s dashboard. It looks clean too. CDN Digital photo | Brian J. Ochoa

2022 MU-X

The front captain seats are comfortable with the driver’s seat equipped with lumbar support. CDN Digital photo | Brian J. Ochoa

Automatic tailgate

The MU-X LS-E is equipped with an automatic power tailgate, which allows opening and closing of the plastic tailgate by a touch of a button at the remote fob or from the cockpit.

2022 MU-X

CDN Digital photo | Brian J. Ochoa

This helps a lot, especially in times when our hands are filled with luggage or groceries. Once opened, the compartment reveals a large cargo space, made even bigger when third and second row seats are folded down flat.

2022 MU-X

The trunk is accessible via an automatic tailgate—a plastic tailgate, supposedly lightweight plastic construction  to keep stress off the servomotor.  CDN Digital photo | Brian J. Ochoa

Charging ports

Work on the go? No problem as the MU-X is like a rolling charging station. CDN Digital photo | Brian J. Ochoa

With charging ports that include a 12v socket, the MU-X is like a rolling charging station. The young ones would love this feature as this would mean no power shortage for an entire trip, wherever the family may decide to go.

Power anytime

Powering that MU-X LS-E is a new 3.0-liter 4JJ3-TCX turbodiesel engine that is said to be fuel efficient yet still powerful, able to produce 190 pferdestarke (PS) of power and 450 newton-meter of torque.

2022 MU-X

Powering that MU-X is a new 3.0-liter 4JJ3-TCX turbodiesel engine, as found in the D-Max. CDN Digital photo | Brian J. Ochoa

Handsome wheels

Gigantic 265/50 R20 Bridgestone Dueler H/Ts on all four corners make the 2022 MU-X feel more stable on the road. The huge wheels are highlighted by rims that give the MU-X some sporty kick.

Gigantic 265/50 R20 wheels wrapped around handsome rims add sportiness to the MU-X’s exterior. CDN Digital photo | Brian J. Ochoa

Safety first

The Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) could be the most important feature we like in the MU-X.It features a smart duo camera and rear radars that provide better protection from dangerous incidents. This technology helps improve accurate detection of front and rear objects and notify the driver with visual and audio alerts to avoid accidents.

Aside from the ADAS, the MU-X LS-E comes with adaptive cruise control, electronic stability control, and seven airbags.

CDN Digital photo | Brian J. Ochoa


The MU-X gets a 10-inch infotainment screen with offline GPS navigation as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The system boasts of an eight-speaker output that includes rear tweeters and an impressive 15-band equalizer.

2022 MU-X

CDN Digital photo | Brian J. Ochoa

Reliable dealerships

One thing we also like about owning a 2022 MU-X is its reliable dealerships around the region.

Here, Isuzu vehicles are distributed by Isuzu Cebu Inc – AC Motors VisMin, which has dealerships in Mandaue City, Cebu City, Talisay City, Tagbilaran City, Iloilo City, and Roxas City.

These dealerships have proven and tested staff who are always ready to cater to the needs of Isuzu vehicle owners.

The MU-X is among the top selling models of Isuzu Cebu Inc since its arrival years ago. The all-new MU-X comes in LS-E (4×4 AT, 4×2 AT), LS-A (4×2, MT/AT), and LS (4X2 AT) variants.

Here are more photos of things we like about the MU-X:

Easy entry to the third row is something the MU-X is really known for. CDN Digital photo | Brian J. Ochoa

2022 MU-X

Keeping the cupholders near the air conditioning vents up front was a good idea. Who doesn’t like cold drinks during a trip? CDN Digital photo | Brian J. Ochoa



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