Saab Magalona shows how they potty train a little rockstar

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Potty training takes a lot of patience and understanding. Right parents? 

Training a toddler to be able to go to the bathroom or at least tell you they need to go “potty” is a huge responsibility. 

Celebrities parents Saab Magalona-Bacarro and Jim Bacarro are making sure their two-year-old little rockstar, Vito, gets trained early. 

In a short clip shared by Saab on her Instagram feed, you can see that Vito is busy playing music with his dad, Jim, when all of a sudden, the toddler walks around the room. 

Jim asked him if he needed to go “wiwi” or pee but the toddler said, no.

Vito got back into playing music for a while and then asked his dad for something else. 

Vito was saying “diaper” to his dad signaling that he needed to go to the bathroom for a “poopy.” 

Jim then got up quickly and carried Vito out of the room so the little rockstar can have done his poopy in private. 

“When you’re potty-training a rockstar 🤘

He wasn’t wearing a diaper and we told him to make sure to tell Jim if he needed to pee. He was so proud after this moment, he kept telling everyone in the house that he did a “big boy wiwi” 🎉,” reads Saab’s caption. 

Watch the video here:


Good job, little Vito. Or shall we say, little rockstar!



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