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#CDNStoryangGugma:Tips on how to keep the flame burning

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Valentine’s Day is just two days away! 

If you are cramming to get the best gift you can to the people you love or to your special someone, remember these things too. 

Remember the things you should and shouldn’t do to make a relationship work. 

Do not lie— no matter how hurtful something is to your partner, tell her or him. It is better to hurt them with the truth than uplift them with a lie.

Be consistent— not just by giving your attention but with everything. Be consistent in being good, being loyal, being able to have your time alone from each other, and be consistent with being honest. 

Put ego aside— there’s no perfect relationship but if you know how to shrug off your ego, you’ll see things clearly. 

Compromise— give and take. Give what you can and take what you can. 

Breaking up is not the answer— do not give up that easily. Take time off to think. If this is what you really want then prepare your partner for the most painful part of the relationship. Parting is always hurtful.  

Love and respect— love may not be enough to sustain a relationship. Respect should always be on the plate. 

Think— think before doing temporary things that can hurt your relationship. Think of the things you both have been through. JUST THINK. 

This season of love let’s not forget to be more aware of our partner’s feelings and emotions. 

Actions will always be louder than words. If you love that person, do everything to keep him or her. /rcg 

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