Solenn tells moms like her to also take a break

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Mothers also need to take a break.

Solenn Heussaff said in an Instagram post that taking a break comes with some “mum guilt” but this is a must for all the hard working moms. 

Solenn's reminders to all moms! LOOK: Having time off for yourself is a must, says mother of one and celebrity Solenn…

Posted by CDN Digital on Friday, February 25, 2022

After spending a week away from her daughter, Thylane, to attend the Milan Fashion Week, the celebrity mom pens a message to all mothers out there.

“Though this short trip was a lot of fun, I cant wait to come home to you! Mum guilt can be real, but remember to always take some time off for yourself sometimes!” she said. 

Attending the Milan Fashion Week as a guest and not as a part of the dressing team for models made Solenn enjoy her foreign trip.

“Was so happy to attend fashion week again but from the crowd! ( I used to be a dresser backstage for fashion week in Paris after graduating from Fashion design),” she shared. 

The trip also allowed Solenn to feel very good about herself by wearing some fashionable ensembles paired with to-die-for heels. 

“Also felt good to dress up after living in pjs and sneakers for the last years, every girl likes to look cute and has the right to 

Back to regular programming fow moi!,” she added. 

To all the mothers who are reading this, this is your sign to take a break.

You don’t need to travel far and you don’t have to be away from your family for long.  Just take a day off and focus on yourself in order to recharge.


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