Ellen Adarna shows who is more ‘gangster’ between her and Derek

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Ellen Adarna and her husband, Derek, are in Africa for their honeymoon. And it seems the couple is having so much fun! 

Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna flew to Africa last week with Ellen’s son, Elias, and her personal assistant, Jessa. 

The couple shared a lot of beautiful photos of their adventure in the safari and their Africa vacation online. 

What’s a vacation with the Ramsays without a little bit of goofiness, right? 

Well, check out this video uploaded by Ellen, wherein the couple tried some gangster moves on who could open a bottle of beer using only their teeth! 

Ellen captioned the video, “Things your teeth should never do. #sometimeslang #whosmoregansta.” 

Can you guess who won?


They may be celebrities, but this move is very relatable to almost everyone who loves to experiment on opening beer bottles in a more “gangster” way.



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