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Is he the one or is he just wasting your time?

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Men are said to be very indecisive. 

But a real man would always want to make you feel like you are not an option but a definite choice. 

Want to know if the man you are dating now is just wasting your time? 

Read on. 

Always a “maybe” man— if you ask about things that weigh a little heavy on your relationship, his frequent answer is “maybe” or “we’ll see.” Then, he will slowly detach himself from the relationship. 

You always initiate— you are always the one to initiate so you could spend time together. Remember if you are as important as he says you are, making you a priority from time to time is not too much to ask. 

Inconsistent— one day he loves showing his interest on you. The next day he acts like you are non-existent. Think harder, girl. 

Commitment scares him— if you ask where the relationship is heading and he changes the topic or says straight up to your face that he does not want a serious relationship, the ball is on your court—decide. 

Knows little about him— at the beginning of the dating stage it is okay not to know deeply more about him. But if the relationship progresses and you still don’t know much about him, that right there is a sign too. 

If you think you like this person too much and considers these signs are mere signs, that’s fine. But if one day you start to get tired of being the “optimistic one” in the relationship, read this article again.


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