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BE Group of Companies appoints Arnel Aparis as Corporate Marketing Communications Manager

- July 30, 2022

With luxurious hotels and exceptional residential spaces under its name, the BE Group of Companies continues to establish its prominence in the Visayas region, especially in Cebu. Its world-class ventures include BE Hotels and Resorts, BE Residences, and the furniture company Living Ideas.   

As they push further for these brands’ growth, the BE Group of Companies recently appointed Mr. Arnel Aparis as its Corporate Marketing Communications Manager to lead the development and implementation of both internal and external strategies and projects.

With new career opportunities come new challenges, even for experienced marketing communications practitioners like Aparis.

“I steer and lead the marketing communications team with the sales and marketing team to brainstorm new and innovative growth strategies for the company,” said Aparis.

With his latest designation in the BE Group of Companies, he’d be taking the helm for the marketing communications of hotels, resorts, real estate, and a furniture company. 

Mr. Arnel Aparis, Corporate Marketing Communications Manager of BE Group of Companies | Contributed Photo

“The company’s values align with my very own and I admire the company’s work ethics and collaborative spirit of its employees,” said Aparis, who is highly looking forward to working with an “exciting, forward-thinking, and fast-moving company” like the BE Group of Companies. He considers “innovative” and “strategic” as core requirements for the position, and he shared that “this is also an opportunity for me to exhibit skills and contribute to exciting projects and campaigns for the BE Group of Companies.”

With new career opportunities come new challenges, even for experienced marketing communications practitioners like Aparis. “This is my first time handling a real estate developer or company,” he said. Prior to joining the BE Group of Companies, Aparis held positions related to marketing communications, sales, and events in businesses across Cebu. 

“For real estate, you have to make strategies that are appealing to clients who want to be settled here in Cebu,” he said about the difference between working with real estate and hotels, noting that the latter leans more towards “selling luxury or lifestyle.”

Currently, BE Residences has an expansive list of existing projects: BE Residences Uptown, BE Residences Lahug, Balai by BE Residences Cordova, and Balai by BE Residences Punta Engaño Mactan. “We still have other properties in the pipeline,” he added. One of these is another project in Bohol just beside the BE Grand Resort.

Among the company’s existing projects, Aparis named its first-ever residential condominium—BE Residences Lahug—as the one he is most excited about. “It will be turned over this year in December,” he shared.

“Our condos are frequently regarded as a good investment and we hope that they would rise in value over time [and] that you’d be able to sell them for a good profit in the future,” said Aparis. BE Residences’ properties also offer exclusive amenities for the convenience and enjoyment of its residents.

The perfect location of BE Residences’ projects also makes it a worthwhile buy for anyone planning to relocate to Cebu. “Our projects are located in the metropolitan,” he said. With accessibility as a major asset, BE Residences’ properties assure a strategic location that makes necessary establishments like churches and shopping malls easily within reach. “It saves your time, money, and effort,” said Aparis.

Meanwhile, BE Hotels and Resorts has been consistently delivering top-notch services and gaining remarkable accolades ever since the company ventured into the hospitality industry in 2008.

“Our resorts offer a complete sensation of being completely at home,” said Aparis. “Both the resort in Mactan and Bohol is perfect for couples and families who want to maintain their ordinary schedules while on their trip, so we offer privacy and seclusion.” 

Moreover, Aparis noted that the BE Group of Companies’ resorts are “designed to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the location” and provide luxury services by well-trained staff. The resorts also have a rich variety of amenities that are ideal for vacations, such as private pools. In addition to this, BE Grand Resort Bohol has very lush gardens, a villa “perfect for couples who would want to have privacy,” a spa, a free fitness center, diverse food and beverage choices, and provides a great sunset view for guests to enjoy.

Meanwhile, the BE Resort in Mactan complements Cebu’s beautiful sceneries with “beachfront accommodations with a youthful vibe” at an affordable price. The BE Group of Companies highlights it as an ideal place “for travelers who wish to explore the seaside beauty and know the rich history of Lapu-Lapu City.” Set to expand its reach to another local tourism hotspot, Aparis shared that the company also has plans for a new project in Siargao.

The BE Group of Companies’ foray into the hospitality and property development industries provides further solid proof that Cebu is an ideal vacation, residential, and business spot for locals and tourists alike.

With prestigious plans and a dedicated team filled with outstanding people in the industry like Mr. Arnel Aparis, the sustained success and future projects of BE Hotels and Resorts, BE Residences, and Living Ideas are surely worth looking forward to. 

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