Ellen Adarna gets brand new luxury car from husband Derek Ramsay

CEBU, Philippines — Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna’s first wedding anniversary is this November yet but the actor already got a present for his wife.

Ramsay surprised Adarna with a new Bentley car as seen in the video posted by Ramsay on Wednesday, September 7.

In the video, Ramsay greeted Adarna with an advance happy anniversary as he kissed her.

“Advanced happy anniversary to the love of my life. Thank you for giving me so much love. I’ve really found true happiness. I love you so much!!!! So so much!!” Ramsay said.

“I like it but you know my love language is physical touch and quality time soooo your hugs and kisses are myyyyy number 1 ❤️ i love youuuuuu,” Cebuana actress Adarna commented on the post.

“I know ull Enjoy driving my car nyahahhahahahahahahahahahahah,” she added teasing Ramsay.

Ramsay replied, “all I want are your hugs and kisses. Sorry, but I’ll enjoy being the passenger this time.”

In the second video shared by Ramsay, Ellen can be seen driving the new Bentley car.

Ramsay then asked Adarna if she likes it, Adarna said yes but she needs a driver too.

“But you’re the one driving. I need a driver too,” Adarna continued.


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Ramsay and Adarna tied the knot in a dreamy sunset wedding in Bagac, Bataan on November 11, 2021.   /rcg


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