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Medical Tests to Invest in your Senior Years

By: - October 26, 2022

It is often said that health is wealth. That statement is true given that health is also an investment that must be taken care of with discipline and consistency.  

Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and regular visits to the doctor can go a long way in preventing a lot of high-mortality diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, even certain types of cancer.   

But as people age, the greater the need for senior citizens to get regularly tested. That is why doctors recommend certain medical tests to be taken annually for those in their “golden years,” specifically those 60 years old and above.

Bone density scan

A bone density scan uses low-dose X-ray to measure the density and strength of a patient’s bones. This is recommended for senior citizens as their bones naturally become more brittle and sensitive over time. Osteoporosis, a disease that makes bones easily broken, becomes prevalent particularly with Asian women over the age of 50. Exercise, eating good sources of Vitamin D and calcium, and medication can help offset the negative symptoms of osteoporosis, but only if it’s detected early. 

To know more about HPD’s services and tests, visit Hi-Precision Diagnostics Cebu on Facebook or contact us via landline at 888-2222 or cellphone/Viber at 0917 770 3638.


An Echocardiogram (ECG) is a heart center test where small probes send high frequency sound waves all through the body. The test’s primary function is to detect any early warning signs of heart problems. Here are some main heart problems that ECG can detect:

An ECG is available for walk-in in all HPD Cebu branches, and is often the first line of defense when it comes to testing, especially since ailments such as hypertension are known as “the silent killer” for its initial lack of symptoms. Given this, an ECG is your first line of defense as doctors may request for more specialized tests such as 2D Echo, Holter Monitoring, BP, or when a potential anomaly is identified. 

Chest X-ray 

A chest X-ray is another valuable screening test to monitor the health of one’s heart, lungs, blood vessels, and bones. For instance, in the event of a heart attack or ailment, doctors can use Chest X-ray to check for the severity of its effects. A Chest X-ray can detect fluid in the lungs as a result of congestive heart of failure. Knowing this, doctors can prescribe proper medication to combat these side effects for a more holistic recovery. Chest X-rays can also show signs of cancer, infection, or lung infections such as pneumonia. 

Chest pain, fever, persistent cough, or sudden shortness of breath are warning signs for someone to check a chest X-ray, but it is also available in several of Hi-Precision Cebu’s screening packages. The Annual Physical Exam which has Chest X ray, Complete Blood Count, Urinalysis, Routine Fecalysis, and Physical Examination is an essential annual package to monitor one’s general health and wellbeing.   

Whole abdomen ultrasound

A whole abdomen ultrasound is another effective screening test for monitoring the overall health of various major organs such as the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, and abdominal aorta. Taken annually, it can be used to identify kidney stones, gall stones, and gall bladder polyps which is an early sign of gall bladder cancer.

Older people who consumed large amounts of alcohol in the past also need a whole abdomen ultrasound to check for signs of fatty liver. This is when the liver has an excess buildup of fat which can cause liver damage, jaundice, chronic fatigue, or abdominal pain. Testing can provide doctors with the appropriate medication to ease pain and afford patients a better quality life. 

Mammogram (for women) 

A mammogram is the most effective for determining early signs of breast cancer- as it is a low dose X-ray that identifies potential malignant tumors or masses in the breasts. Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death for women worldwide. But the good news is that technology for diagnosis and treatment has improved, so breast cancer survival rates have gone up in large part to increased testing among women.

Annual testing is recommended for women over the age of 40 or with a family history of breast cancer. The best time to get tested is one week after the last day of menstruation, because that is when the breast tissue is the most visible for the mammogram machine. Hi-Precision also offers 50% discount for mammogram every October, along with other breast tests such as breast ultrasound. 

PSA (for men)

Prostate cancer is the third most common cancer in men. Although most men diagnosed with prostate cancer do not die from the disease, this does not mean people should be complacent. The Philippine Cancer Association says that 6 in 10 cases are diagnosed in men aged 65 or older, and prostate cancer, and the cancer must be strictly monitored to prevent it from worsening or spreading into other areas. 

The PSA test is a blood test used primarily to screen for prostate cancer, based on monitoring a specific protein produced by both benign and malignant tissue in the prostate. Warning signs include pain when urinating, frequent urination, sudden erectile dysfuction, or presence of blood in either urine or semen. But remember that early detection may be an important tool in getting appropriate and effective treatment.

Hi-Precision Cebu is your one-stop shop with thousands of medical tests designed to serve the health needs of everyone from infants to senior citizens. To know more about HPD’s services and tests, visit Hi-Precision Diagnostics Cebu on Facebook or contact us via landline at 888-2222 or cellphone/Viber at 0917 770 3638.

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