Coming out as gay: Trust the power of time


Orlando "Orly" Diola

Orlando “Orly” Diola, was honored during the 50th anniversary of Miss Gay Mandaue last May 9, 2023. | From Orlando Diola’s Facebook

CEBU CITY, Philippines— To be gay and part of a colorful community like the LGBTQA community is not something everyone can easily accept.

Orlando “Orly” Diola, the original organizer of Miss Gay Mandaue talks about how valuing time and having courage are the best things one can do if he or she decides to come out.

At the age of 16, Orly was already fixed as to who he was and how he wants his life to be lived.

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In his own words, his personality was set— he was happy to be gay.

Having the support of his family and friends, coming out was not really an issue for him, but he understands that some of the members of their community don’t have that kind of support.

His advice? Take it slow.

“My advice to them? Hinay-hinay lang. Ayawg pakaliti ang community. Don’t force-feed them, take it easy. Time will just take care of itself. That’s what I did.”

Issues will always find their way to the surface, but having courage and confidence in yourself are what makes being part of the LGBTQA community a colorful one.

“Courage, also, you have to have courage for this,” added Orly.

Diola also recalled how it was like cross-dressing back in the day, especially during his stint in the U.S., it was colorful, fun, and well-accepted.

Diola was also one of the winners of Miss Gay Mandaue in the year 1984 when the pageant wasn’t under his supervision.

Orly showing some photos of his pageant days back in the 80s and 90s.

Orly showing some photos of his pageant days back in the 80s and 90s.

Orlando Diola crowned

Orlando “Orly” Diola crowned as Miss Gay Mandaue in 1984.

Today, in Cebu, drag queens are also making their own mark through events.

One of the most known drag groups in Cebu is the Haus of Rena1ssance.

Founder, Pierre Lindsey or Kat Phischeur told CDN Digital that this year, more gays and drag queens are coming out of their shells and that they feel more accepted.

drag queen Cebu

Drag Queens are here to stay! | Contributed photo

“This year a lot of drag shows are being organized compared to last year. Testament to this is that now, establishments would reach out to us to perform for them. Last year, we really had to knock on establishments’ doors to give us the opportunity to showcase our artistry. It was a struggle, but it was all worth it getting here!,” says Phischeur.       /rcg


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