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Cebu flyover: Using art, colors, and monsters to give one a good makeover

CEBU CITY, Philippines—  Respect the art.

Distort Monsters together with Ceet Fouad and other Cebuano artists Bartbombs, Yummy face, and Julius Noel recently did a makeover on the flyover along Archbishop Reyes Avenue in Cebu City.

With vibrant colors and the characters that are giving a new life to the flyover, Distort Monsters and the rest of their team shared it was indeed a challenge to finish the masterpiece in just a week.

“The bridge had many ridges and a pipe running along the side which made it difficult to paint even with spray. Usually this would not have been much of an issue had the mural been done ground level as it would have been easier to step back to scale the characters properly,” he said.

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Posted by CDN Digital on Sunday, June 25, 2023

The height of their canvas was also the challenge too, Ceet and Distort Monsters had to use scaffolds to execute the majority of mural.

“ I honestly have a fear of heights so everyday was a challenge to overcome myself haha. In the middle of the project though, we were able to borrow a fire rescue truck which was used by our assistants to paint the end parts of the bridge,” he added.


The weather and the traffic were also one of the biggest challenges for the group too.

With all the challenges they had to go through, let’s help make this work of art vandal-free.

Netizens also gave their comments about this art work.

The project is part of the celebration of 75 years of Philippine-French diplomatic relations and is  overseen by Rose Studio Art Gallery by Claire Pitou.

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