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Cebu City flyover attracts onlookers with its vibrant colors


CEBU CITY, Philippines — The newly painted flyover in the city is a sight to see and it has gained positive reactions among Cebuanos.

Vibrant colors of green and blue accentuate the mural paintings in the flyover along Archbishop Reyes Avenue in Cebu City.

Since the flyover is near a busy business park, many people are able to see it. They immediately noticed the new colors of the flyover and appreciated its beauty.

Belina Cabajar, 66 years old, told CDN Digital that the new colors of the flyover are “nice to see.”

She is a vendor for over 50 years, whose mini store is situated near the flyover.

“Nindot na tan-awn. Makalingaw sa mga bata,” Cabajar said.

(It looks good. It amuses the children.)

Motorcycle for hire (habal-habal) driver Renante Duarte, 48 years old, also said that the colorful flyover looks attractive.

“Nindot pagka design, pagka porma nila sa drawing-drawing nila. Limpyo pa og agi,” Duarte said.

(It has a nice design, the way they formed the drawing. It was also done cleanly.)

He added that he often hears people saying goof things about the flyover’s new colors.

Meanwhile, Ciana Ababa, 61 years old, also a vendor selling near the flyover said it is impossible for people not to appreciate the flyover’s new colors.

“Di pariha sa una nga puti ra baya to (color of the flyover) tanan. Hasta ang mga mangagi diri [mo ingon] nga ‘nindot na lage na,’” she said.

(Unlike before when it was all white. Even those passing now would say ‘that looks good’)

A security officer of a nearby commercial area added that the painting was beautifully done.

“Dili siya hugaw [pagkahimo]. Attractive siya, dili siya kalat tan awon nga flyover siya,” he told CDN Digital.

(It doesn’t look messy. It looks attractive and it makes the flyover look neat.)

Behind the painting

This colorful structure in the city is a project initiated by the Embassy of France to the Philippines and Micronesia with the support of the Cebu City Government, among others, the embassy said in a Facebook post.

The embassy added that this mural painting was done mainly by artists CEET Fouad and Distort Monsters with the assistance of Cebuano artists.

Distort Monsters is a street artist mostly recognized for his colorful creatures with sharp edges and multilinear textures.


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