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IN PHOTOS: Meet the hidden artisans of Northern Cebu

By: - January 27, 2024

Consolacion, CEBU – Beneath the sun-kissed skies and along the pristine coastlines of Northern Cebu, a tapestry of creativity and craftsmanship quietly thrives as local artisans preserve their rich culture and heritage.

A community of hidden artisans has been diligently weaving tales of tradition and innovation. It is their skilled hands that became the focal point of admiration and discovery during the last day of the Suroy Suroy Sugbo Northern Escapade.

Meet Tabogon’s promising young artist

Carlo Inoc, a 21-year-old BS Information Technology student from Cebu Technological University-Tabogon, actively pursues his passion for visual arts, especially during the Suroy Suroy Sugbo Northern Escapade in Tabogon town, Northern Cebu.

He undertook the responsibility of crafting a mural for the town’s new comfort rooms at Paseo Tabogon, and this marked his first experience in creating such murals.

Carlo Inoc, 21, an aspiring artist from Tabogon. | Photo by Pia Piquero

In a short interview with CDN Digital, Inoc mentioned that his love for art started in childhood. When asked about his motivation for the mural project, he expressed a desire to improve his art skills and become a recognized artist in the future.

The artisans from Liloan

Liloanon Artisans with their crafts during the Suroy Suroy Sugbo Northern Escapade | Photos by Pia Piquero and Jessa Ngojo

On the final night of the Suroy Suroy Sugbo Northern Escapade in Liloan, participants witnessed the impressive skills of Liloanons as they showcased their arts and crafts.

Liloan, located 15 kilometers north of Cebu City, is renowned for Rosquillos, a thin, ringlet cookie best paired with warm coffee.

The artisan, the late Margarita “Titay” Frasco, continues to receive recognition for skillfully crafting this distinctive treat with gracefully curved corners and a central hole, even after all these years.

Pasigarbo sa Sugbo 2023’s 45th contingent, Municipality of Liloan, showcases their Rosquillos Festival | Photo by: Dave Cuizon

During the last day of Suroy Suroy Sugbo, Mayor Aljew Frasco shared that Liloan is one of the major makers of “Tukaan sa Manok” pots in the Philippines. Local residents in the town create these clay pots used for feeding chickens.

Tukaan sa Manok, made in Liloan town, Northern Cebu.

In addition to Rosquillos, other artisans also proudly displayed their craftsmanship during the event. They showcased handmade jewelry, baskets, chairs, and modern Filipino outfits with “Batik” designs.

Crafts from Borbon, Tabogon and Bantayan

Crafts and Delicacies from Borbon, Catmon, and Bantayan town. | Photos by: Jessa Ngojo and Pia Piquero

In the towns of Catmon, Borbon, and Bantayan, culinary and artistic expressions intertwine to create unique representations of local culture.

In Catmon, skilled artisans celebrate their expertise by infusing distinct designs into functional items like wooden and hand-carved placemats. They utilize the town’s abundance of trees, seamlessly bridging the gap between craftsmanship and daily life.

Borbon’s tuba ice cream, made from the sweet sap of the coconut tree, encapsulates the town’s agricultural bounty. On the other hand, Bantayan’s “tago-angkan,” crafted from chicken ovaries, highlights the resourcefulness of its culinary traditions.

Discover Catmon!

Borbon’s Tuba Ice Cream

Bantayan’s Tago-Angkan

From Liloan’s iconic Rosquillos, Borbon’s tropical delights, and Bantayan’s resourceful culinary traditions, each town reveals unique flavors and artistic expressions. Without a doubt, these creations, whether edible or handcrafted, act as timeless ambassadors, inviting both locals and visitors to savor Northern Cebu’s diverse and enchanting cultural landscape.

Have you witnessed these crafts and savored these delights as well, ka-Siloys? /clorenciana

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