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FACES OF CEBU: Baron Geisler, the ‘adopted son of Cebu’

Baron Geisler

Baron Geisler. Image: Instagram/baron.geisler

CEBU CITY, Philippines – For veteran Filipino actor Baron Geisler, his life had taken a dramatic 180-degree turn when he decided to live in Cebu.

And now, five years later,  Cebu has become the true home where his heart and mind feels most at peace.

The actor spoke to CDN Digital about his new life and how Cebu earned a special place in his heart.

“It’s funny because I don’t know if I chose Cebu or Cebu chose me,” he said.

“There’s just this supernatural magnetic force siguro that brought me here. Because this is where I found the love of the Father, God, and this is where I started accepting who I really am – the good, the bad, and the ugly,” he added.

The actor was very candid in talking about how his past habits affected his life for so long and how it was in Cebu where he found his purpose in life.

Geisler admitted to falling in love with the island province and the many things that come with it – the people, places, food, and culture.

“Slowly slowly, na-inlove lang talaga aka sa Cebu dahil sa mga tao. Andaming mga real friends akong nakilala here. They speak the truth in love. They tell me what’s wrong with me. Hindi katulad sa Maynila, ang daming nagsusugarcoat.” 

‘Hindi sila plastic’

The actor expressed his admiration for the locals and the tough love that they have showed him.

“Hindi sila plastic. If they don’t like you, they don’t like you. If they like you, they’ll embrace you. Straightforward, direct to the point – that’s what I like about people here. And buti na lang tinuroan ako ng asawa ko na wag magkaroon ng star complex kasi yan ang pinaka-ayaw. Kasi ‘anong pake’ – yun yung mga Cebuano eh, ‘anong pake namin sayo?” he said.

As an adventure lover, Geisler has done his fair share of exploring the island and everything that it has to offer.

With his wife, he has gone to many different beaches and popular spots on the island. He went hiking, canyoneering, whale-watching, and many more.

From north to south, he has travelled around Cebu to explore as well as reflect. Doing this for five years, he feels that he has seen truly seen and experienced Cebu.

Adopted son of Cebu

With a Cebuana as a wife, Geisler has also began to enjoy a more local palate, which he admitted is now his favorite.

As a foodie, he has eaten many dishes that the locals enjoy on a daily basis like buwad, monggos, larang, chicharong ginabot, and utan Bisaya, which is present in their dining table almost everyday.

“Lagi kong pinagmamalaki dati na masarap yung food sa Bicol o sa iba’t ibang parte ng Pilipinas but iba, iba ang lasa ng food dito sa Cebu. Masasabi ko na rin na adopted son ako ng Cebu eh,” he said.

And of course, he loves the lechon in Cebu. Who doesn’t?


Now that he has built a life in Cebu, the actor admitted to feeling down and homesick when he has to go to Manila for work.

The moment he steps foot on the island even after just a month of being away, he always says, “This is home.”

For now, Geisler is not fluent in Cebuano yet. But be careful, because he understands enough.

“I know how to understand Bisaya as well, pero gamay ra. Di na ma ilad,” he said. (But only a little. I can’t be fooled.)

Interacting with Cebuanos everyday, he has learned to use many local phrases in every day life.

His most used one being – “Ayay! Hahay buhay.”

“All the time. Like yung ayay, pag may nangyayari. Kahit sa Manila, parang ayay. Special ko na yun – ayay,” he said.


When asked about the biggest change to his life since moving, the actor answered that he does not feel like an artista, especially with his wife.

He says that it is in Cebu where he feels the most like a normal person. Living in Cebu has made him appreciate how people treat everyone equally and taught him the lesson of not judging a book by its cover.

Baron Geisler with his wife and kids. Image: Instagram/baron.geisler

Geisler says he is now contented and blessed with his life now.

“I’m very grateful. I’ve never in a million years thought that I would be happily married and own stuff,” he said.

He expressed that as he continues to work on his recovery, he is determined to live well and happy with his family.

He shared that fatherhood and his unconditional love for his daughter has also helped in his journey to self transformation.

Investing in Cebu

The actor intends to settle down in Cebu and he expressed that he plans to stay here with his family until he retires.

For the future of their family, they are planning to move to a new house, buy a beach resort, and continue with their happy life on the island.

“Instead of buying a house, investing in Manila, I think I’m just gonna get a small studio condo there na pwede din gamitin ng mga bata in case they want to study in Manila. Pero yung investments ko, mas directed here sa Cebu,” he said.

With his career catapulting since his last movie, Doll House, Geisler has many projects ahead that his fans can look forward to.

With many offers coming his way and at least two movies coming out soon, he is hopeful that his career as an actor continues to blossom in the future.

Best person, not best actor

Geisler has this message to fans who continue to support  him.

“Daghang salamat lang sa love and support nga inihatag ninyo sa ako. God willing, mapagpatuloy ko tong kabutihan na binigay sakin, binigay sakin ng Diyos. And I’m praying also na as years go by, maging better husband and father ako sa akong mag-ina. I think ‘yun yung pinaka-importante: Being the best person, not the best actor,” he said.



Baron Geisler admits Cebu played a crucial role in changing him into a better person

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