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The first thing Matteo Guidicelli did after he married Sarah Geronimo

Matteo Guidicelli

Matteo Guidicelli and wife Sarah Geronimo. | via Inquirer.net

“A wise man once told me, ‘Just say sorry,’” quipped actor Matteo Guidicelli to explain how he has managed to maintain a harmonious home with pop superstar Sarah Geronimo, his wife of three years.

The Cebuano Guidicelli tried to clarify why an item in a game that he and Sarah played with selected members of the show biz press recently, called “Who’s Likely To,” revealed that, between him and Sarah, he is more likely to say sorry first whenever they find themselves in an argument or misunderstanding.

“Sometimes, I also stand beside her at the sink and pretend to wash one plate. But really, I would often walk away (from the dining table) right away,” said Matteo, laughing, after another item in the game revealed that Sarah is more likely to be the one to wash the dishes at home.

“Sarah, on the other hand, likes washing dishes,” Matteo declared. “It’s not like I enjoy it,” Sarah interjected. “It’s just that I don’t like seeing our dishes and kitchen stuff all piled up in the sink.”

Sarah then recalled the time she saw Matteo washing plates for the first time. “We were just boyfriend-girlfriend then. When I saw him do it, I thought, ‘This guy could be my husband in the future,’” she said.

Matteo then proudly disclosed that Sarah is already a certified baker after finishing a course at the Heny Sison Culinary School. “She makes good lunch, too. Sarah stopped eating meat (in 2017), so she serves plant-based and seafood dishes.”

Certified baker

The proud husband continued: “Recently, she finally succeeded in making croissants. While she was still practicing, I would usually smell butter and dough in the kitchen. One day, I smelled them in our bathroom. She did her ‘proofing’ there because she said the place was cooler and more humid. She then brought it to our bedroom, and the dough finally rose. Sarah used to make good tres leches, too.”

The couple got married on Feb. 20, 2020 and were forced to live by themselves—”and one dog”—for six months during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns. “While it was a challenge, I also had a great time,” said Matteo. “We learned a lot,” added Sarah.

Matteo said this marked the start of their life together so he had to make sure that they started it right. “The first thing I did was open an Excel spreadsheet. This was on Feb. 22, 2020. All of our expenses are listed there up to this day. I did this because I wanted to be a responsible husband,” he said. “We also have your Papa, Tito Gian, to thank because he has been very supportive and helpful to us as a married couple when it came to how to handle our finances and investments,” added Sarah.

Matteo said that whenever they had to sit down with their accountants, especially when it was time to file their taxes, he would make sure that Sarah was present during the meetings. “I told her that she wouldn’t understand everything in one sitting, but it’s good that we’re both exposed to ‘adulting’ stuff like this. At least, when it comes to our finances, we both know what we’re talking about,” he said.

Legs and brains

Matteo then said that he would notice growth and maturity in Sarah each day. “She has now become a very talented and independent woman. She knows what she wants and is very eager to learn,” he said. In the businesses they’ve put up together, so far—like G Productions Inc. and G Studios—Matteo said he was merely “the legs that keep things moving, while Sarah is the brains.”

He added: “I always discuss with Sarah, ‘Let’s prepare not for today or for the next day, but for when we already have kids, and for when they go to high school or college. We want to think long term.”

While the Guidicellis are undoubtedly one of the most hardworking talents in the industry, they also make time for their favorite form of leisure: traveling. “I keep telling Matteo that I’m not a materialistic person. I’m fine as long as we have enough funds for travel and good food,” Sarah declared. “Of course, our work requires us to be mindful of our aesthetics. It is our responsibility to protect our image and reputation, but other than that, I’m OK. What’s more important to me is to be able to create beautiful memories with him.”


Matteo gusto nang maging daddy, tinukso-tukso si Sarah: Babies! Babies!

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