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National Aspin Day: From stray to ‘Bae’, ka-Siloys show love for their fur babies

CONSOLACION, Cebu – “The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.”

The Asong Pinoy, also known as ‘Aspin’, might be the prevalent yet often unnoticed canine breed in the country.

They are often disregarded or overshadowed by the more renowned dog breeds. Often left to roam in the streets and unfortunately, become strays.

However, it doesn’t imply that our indigenous ‘Aspins’ don’t know how to love and show their affection toward their fellow dogs, and most especially to us, humans.

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On August 18, CDN Digital joined the Philippines in celebrating the little bundles of joy in our homes. And in honor of our consistently reliable and loyal best friends, several Ka-Siloys graciously provided CDN- Digital with insights into their lives, living alongside their adorable furry companions.

For our ever-dependable and trusted best friend, some ka-Siloys shared with CDN a peek into their lives with their lovable paw friends by their sides.

Ka-Siloy, Akkila Currthney Sullano, shared with CDN Digital, a photo of her aspin baby, ‘Roxie’, somewhat smiling as both of them stroll around the farm.

“Selfie with my favorite ASPIN IN THE FARM, “HAPPY NATIONAL ASPIN DAY EVERYONE” sabi ng Baby ROXIE KO 🐶🐕,” Akkira happily expresses. 


Roxie captured a lot of netizens’ attention because of her smile and gleeful vibe while beside her fur mom, Akkira.

Other ka-Siloys also shared some amusing pictures of their fur babies with CDN Digital eliciting laughs among netizens celebrating National Aspins’ Day.

Angelique Garcia’s friendly aspin, Zero.


Kuya Kimoy chilling with Tatay after a long day

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On the other hand, one ka-Siloy took the special day as a chance to post a ‘vlog’ with his paw-friend, ‘BlackJack’ or Blackie.

In his video, Juniel teases Blackie that it is time to teach him how to talk in English fluently by enrolling him into an English ‘scholarship’ program, after achieving the feat of getting inside the car, traveling along with his fur dad, having no problems at all.

By looking into Blackie’s expression, it seems that he is more than happy to make an extra effort just to make his fur dad happy.

With a quick look inside some of our ka-Siloy’s lives, we can say that our very own ‘Aspins’ also have the capacity to give and receive love. Even though some still have a preconceived notion of our dearest Aspins, it does not mean that there is no room for improvement in the way we Filipinos treat them.

It is never too late to celebrate the unique charm of our Aspins. Just like any other breed, they deserve our love and care. Embrace their wonderful qualities and create long-lasting bonds.

Starting with all of the ka-Siloys who celebrated with us in CDN-Digital, together, we can make our loyal companions feel that they are just or more beautiful than the expensive dog breeds that most prefer.

Just love them, and for sure, they’ll love and protect you with their own lives. /rcg


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