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The Bellevue Bohol’s International Coastal Cleanup 2023: A Resounding Success in Environmental Unity

By: - September 26, 2023

In a remarkable showcase of solidarity and unwavering commitment to the environment, The Bellevue Resort’s International Coastal Cleanup 2023 shattered previous records with a staggering turnout of over 3,000 dedicated volunteers. This monumental event marked the 6th consecutive year of this eco-conscious initiative, reinforcing the ever-growing wave of environmental awareness in the heart of Bohol.

We’re doing this to make sure that our children, our grandchildren, have the same beautiful waters that we’re enjoying today and the wonderful beaches that we enjoy every Sunday and during our days-off.


Andrew Fernandes

Resort Manager, The Bellevue Resort

The Bellevue Resort’s International Coastal Cleanup has become more than just a yearly event; it’s a rallying point for the community to come together and protect the pristine beauty of Bohol’s coastal areas. This year’s turnout was a testament to the region’s deepening commitment to safeguarding its natural treasures.


Andrew Fernandes during his opening speech at Bellevue Bohol’s ICC 2023. (PHOTO BY: GERARD VALLES JAMORA)

“It’s up to us if Bohol stays beautiful or not. This day is really not about us, it’s really about all of us. Because what we’re doing for today is a statement, not only for ourselves but for our future generations,” expressed Andrew Fernandes, Resort Manager, The Bellevue Resort.

“We’re doing this to make sure that our children, our grandchildren, have the same beautiful waters that we’re enjoying today and the wonderful beaches that we enjoy every Sunday and during our days-off,” he added.


The cleanup effort, which took place on a sun-kissed morning, saw volunteers of all ages and backgrounds uniting along the picturesque shores of Bohol. Armed with gloves and biodegradable bags, they set out to collect not just trash but also a brighter, cleaner future for their beloved coastal paradise.

The live press conference held a day prior to the cleanup served as an invaluable platform for Bellevue Bohol and its partners to shed light on the event’s significance. It was an opportunity to underline the critical role this initiative plays in preserving Bohol’s marine ecosystem.


The ICC live press conference with Bellevue’s partners for a conversation about ocean and marine conservation. (PHOTO BY: GERARD VALLES JAMORA)

In addition, partners from various sectors, including local government, environmental organizations, and academic institutions, articulated the urgency of such actions in the face of global environmental challenges. They emphasized that the cleanup transcends mere waste collection; it’s a vital step toward ensuring the longevity of Bohol’s marine biodiversity and the overall well-being of the community.


The resounding success of Bellevue Bohol’s International Coastal Cleanup 2023 sends a clear message: Bohol is on the frontlines of environmental conservation. The passion and dedication exhibited by the thousands of volunteers have a ripple effect that reaches far beyond the shores.

By showcasing their commitment to the environment, Boholans inspire others to take action and demonstrate that small, collective efforts can bring about significant change. The event also underscores the importance of continued education and awareness campaigns to maintain this momentum.


As the sun set over the sparkling waters of Bohol, the volunteers returned home, their hearts brimming with pride and hope. The success of this year’s cleanup reaffirms that unity, passion, and environmental consciousness are the driving forces behind the preservation of Bohol’s natural wonders.

Bellevue Bohol’s International Coastal Cleanup 2023 not only left the shores cleaner but also signified a green voice from the Boholanos who are dedicated stewards of their environment, and that they stand together to ensure a brighter, more sustainable future for this island paradise.


Breaking Records and Restoring Shores: More Than 3,000 Unite for Ocean Conservation at Bellevue Bohol’s ICC

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