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Xandrine’s Artistic Odyssey of Passion and Expression

By: - October 12, 2023

In the world of art, some meticulously follow a well-trodden path, and then some dance to the beat of their own artistic drum. Xandrine, a young and vibrant artist, belongs to the latter category. Her journey into the realm of art is a testament to the power of passion and the profound influence of those surrounding us.

Life has a way of surprising us beyond our greatest imaginations. I am open to wherever art leads me.



A Dance of Inspiration

“My first love is dance,” Xandrine begins, her voice filled with a hint of nostalgia and an unmistakable passion for her craft. In the graceful world of ballet, she discovered the first sparks of her artistic soul. But little did she know that her journey would take a mesmerizing turn towards the vibrant world of painting.


The High Priestess by Xandrine. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

At the tender age of 17, with no formal training or drawing background, Xandrine’s artistic exploration began in a rather unconventional way. She recalls, “I made paintings as attempts to get a ballerina artwork for my room.” A simple desire to adorn her space with a piece of art set the stage for a remarkable transformation. A playful exchange with her mother ignited the creative fire within her.

A Legacy of Art

Xandrine’s artistic lineage runs deep, and she draws inspiration from the strong and creative women who have surrounded her throughout her life. In our conversation, she fondly remembers her great-grandmother, Lydia Durano-Rodriguez, whose one-woman art show left an indelible mark on her. “She and my mom always made art an organic part of life for me, as it really is,” Xandrine reflects.


Lydia Durano Rodriguez. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

This rich tapestry of artistic influence and familial support set the stage for Xandrine’s journey, where she seamlessly merged her love for dance with her newfound passion for painting.

ARCANAS: An Artistic Chronicle

At the heart of Xandrine’s creative journey lies her captivating solo exhibit, “ARCANAS.” In our interview, she sheds light on the exhibit’s central theme, a tapestry of symbols and The Fool’s Journey from a psychological standpoint. “The deep subconscious that is inherently aware and always at play,” she describes.

The Fool’s Journey, a metaphor for life’s twists and turns, unfolds through her art. It encapsulates the human experience from beginning to end, weaving in the stages and challenges that ultimately lead to wisdom and fulfillment. Xandrine’s paintings are imbued with elements of nature, reflecting the organic and biological aspects of human existence. The exhibit, deeply personal in nature, resonates with dancers and figures in perpetual motion, a testament to her love for dance.


Justice by Xandrine. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

A Painter’s Process

When asked about her creative process, Xandrine speaks of authenticity and sincerity. “I try to lead with the most honest expression at the moment,” she explains, “by pulling from a life experience that simulates the same emotion a painting calls for.” Her art is deeply personal, an intimate conversation between her emotions and the canvas.

While technique is essential, Xandrine emphasizes capturing the soul of her subjects, especially when painting portraits. She embraces the ever-changing nature of artistic expression, allowing it to flow and evolve freely. Music and isolation serve as her creative companions, guiding her into the immersive world of her art.

Influences and Challenges

In our conversation, Xandrine pays homage to the artists who have left an indelible mark on her work. She admires Anton Mallari for his seamless integration of faces and nature elements and skillful use of the gold leaf. She’s drawn to Raymund Fernandez’s depth of wisdom, Anton Quisumbing’s diverse body of work, and Jun Impas’s kindness and mastery of the realism technique.


Xandrine with art patron Dr. Fremont Base. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Yet, Xandrine, like many young artists, faces the challenge of judgment in the contemporary art world. She acknowledges that art is subjective and that people may interpret it differently. Her advice to emerging artists? “Hold on to your expression. That is what makes you unique,” she urges. “Don’t abandon yourself. That’s integrity.”

Art as Expression and Connection

Xandrine believes art plays a pivotal role in today’s society, especially for the younger generation. It serves as a means of self-expression and a vehicle for connecting with others. In an age dominated by technology and artificial intelligence, art is a testament to our humanity, which youth should preserve and celebrate.


Xandrine with art patron Eddie Gaisano. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

As we conclude our conversation, Xandrine’s vision for the future comes into focus. “Life has a way of surprising us beyond our greatest imaginations,” she muses. “I am open to wherever art leads me.” She hopes to continue curating exhibitions, creating unique experiences for herself and others through art. Her goal is simple yet profound: to collect experiences, surround herself with good people, and remain true to her artistic expression.

A Journey Worth Exploring

Xandrine’s artistic journey, marked by passion, authenticity, and a profound connection to her craft, is a story worth exploring. “ARCANAS” by Xandrine was on display at Qube Gallery Crossroads, Banilad–an invitation to enter a world where dance, symbolism, and the human experience converge in a vibrant tapestry of artistry and self-discovery. Take the chance to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Xandrine’s art.

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