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A barong hoodie jacket so pretty, even Bretman Rock swears by it

This multi-purpose garment is both stylish and comfortable

Bretman Rock wearing the barong hoodie jacket.

There are no boundaries to creative freedom in Philippine fashion.

Social media personality and style icon Bretman Rock makes it a point to gear his platforms towards showcasing such artistic endeavors in the field. One of the most prominent ways he has done this is through the emphatic support he has given both renowned and up-and-coming Filipino designers.

Throughout his many trips to the Philippines, Bretman Rock has gained a handful of connections with the country’s most established names in fashion. His most recent team-up is with award-winning designer Happy V. Andrada in a recent Instagram story, where Bretman wore her innovative Mateo barong hoodie jacket.

@happyandrada #bretmanrock #barong #philippines #usa #bretman #happyandrada ♬ original sound – Happy Andrada


The piece on Bretman is symbolic of how Andrada fuses traditional Filipino attire with casual combinations. It puts a modern spin on the barong Tagalog, which is usually worn at formal events.

By adding comfort and style to classic piña textiles, the barong jacket can elevate and add a timeless perspective to everyday outfits.

The garment, embroidered by artisans of Lumban and Quezon, is available for purchase on Andrada’s website alongside a variety of her signature designs crafted by local community members.

Besides Bretman Rock, Andrada’s designs have also been seen on Filipino celebrities, such as Kim Chiu and Kryz Uy. Her work has also reached London and Paris Fashion Week as well as various art exhibits around the world where she represented the Philippines in the global fashion scene.


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