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Blooms, Food, and Fashion: BE’s The Grand Bohol Harvest

By: - December 01, 2023

BE Grand Resort Bohol recently played host to The Grand Bohol Harvest, a one-of-a-kind event that seamlessly blended the inaugural Bohol Food & Wine Festival with the Bohol International Flower Festival 2023. Held at the BE Grand Convention Centre, this remarkable gathering showcased a fusion of local fashion prowess and international floral artistry, shining a spotlight on Bohol’s commitment to offering a diverse culinary experience to a global audience.

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Bohol in Full Bloom

From November 22 to the evening of November 24, BE Grand Resort Bohol became the vibrant stage for the International Flower Festival 2023. Notable participants included Pirjo Koppi, a certified master florist from Finland; Harijanto Setiawan, a respected floral educator and judge for floral design competitions from Singapore; and Iza Tkaczyk, a distinguished Floral Fundamentals ambassador from Poland.


Embracing Bohol: Luxurious Dining with Local Ingredients

Amidst the captivating floral exhibits, guests embarked on a delightful gastronomic journey, discovering the essence of Bohol through its indigenous ingredients. The Bohol Food and Wine Festival became the perfect stage to showcase the province’s rich culinary potential.

Boholana Chocolatier Chef Rose Hudson enchanted guests with her exquisite creations, including Puto Maya—an alluring ginger-infused coconut ganache with a delightful coconut crunch—and UBE, a purple yam ganache encased in a white chocolate shell infused with coconut cream. Chef Emma Gomez presented Sappia, a flavorful rice-based fried dish, adding to the festival’s diverse offerings.

Blooms, Food, and Fashion: BE's The Grand Bohol Harvest

BE Grand’s culinary artisans elevated Bohol’s standing as a culinary haven:
Chef Jenzel Fontilla’s creation, Hoyohoy, named after the beach in Panglao, holds a special significance for him. This dish serves as a reminiscent tribute to his initial interactions with local fishermen, an experience deeply etched in his memory from Hoyohoy. Featuring a Sea Urchin Panna Cotta accompanied by vinegar foam crafted from Bohol’s local cacao vinegar, and enriched with the essence of local crawfish (takla), this culinary masterpiece beautifully encapsulates Chef Fontilla’s connection to those early encounters.

Executive Chef Erwin Eusebio proudly presented the evening’s showstoppers: the Truffle Scented Porchetta, served with an optional dip in Carabao Coconut Sauce, and the Slow-cooked roast beef adorned with Calamay Bigarade sauce—both celebrated as the pinnacle of the culinary experience.
Enhancing the entire journey, an exquisite selection of wines complemented the diverse flavors, allowing guests to relish this unique culinary odyssey with cherished company and family.


Interweaving Local Fashion with Global Artistry

As the wine continued to flow, the spotlight shifted to a stunning display of local artistry. Twenty-two master florists from over 15 countries collaborated with esteemed figures in the fashion industries of Cebu and Bohol. Together, they crafted breathtaking fashion pieces adorned with intricate floral works that gracefully graced the runway. This collaboration between international florists and local designers resulted in an extraordinary fusion of art and fashion.

The presence of prominent figures such as Enrique and Helena Benedicto, Chief Operating Officer Nova Noval, and Congresswoman Maria Vanessa Aumentado added prestige to the event.

Blooms, Food, and Fashion: BE's The Grand Bohol Harvest

Despite housing three (3) events in one (1) venue in a single night, the BE Grand Convention Centre impeccably managed the affair, underscoring its status as the premier location for meetings, celebrations, weddings, and large-scale conventions or events in the Province of Bohol. For inquiries and quotations, visit BE Grand Bohol Events.

To bask in the oasis of BE Grand Resort Bohol’s luxury, contact them at +63 905 303 8674 or visit begrandbohol.com


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