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Heart Evangelista admits she got kicked out of a Fashion Week event

Heart Evangelista

Heart Evangelista

For someone who is as tenured as Heart Evangelista in the fashion industry, one will have a difficult time believing she has experienced getting kicked out of a show at Fashion Week.

Sitting down with MEGA Editor-in-Chief Peewee Reyes-Isidro, the actress detailed her experience of having been kicked out of a Fashion Week event, which she noted was one of the causes of her stress at the time.

“There’s no need to have tried to kick somebody out of a show because that happened to me in the last Fashion Week. I would talk to certain PRs to say no; somebody was calling and saying I’m not able because another person’s going to attend,” recalled Evangelista.

The fashion icon revealed she encountered having been told somebody would represent her but got dropped along the way, so now she has three agents to help her oversee the whole process.

“I have three agents now to fix and verify everything that would happen to me, and I won’t be taken out of a show because they said that I wasn’t allowed to attend. So there’s like a lot of those things that happen. It starts to become political,” said the actress.

Heart Evangelista

The socialite noted that she does understand that things could get complicated, so sometimes people just have to be way ahead of the situation, which pushed her to change for the better too.

“Now, they know who the point person is, but I get that everybody gets too excited, so it gets messy at some point, but those things can happen. You really just have to plan things out properly so there’s like a harmonious, smooth way of doing everything,” she said.

“I’m also glad that it kind of pushed me to change things in a way to the next step, 10 steps ahead. I fixed a lot of corporate stuff and legal stuff. I got all my cards set perfectly, and now it’s okay; it’s going to be smoother,” Evangelista added.

The 38-year-old actress emphasized that people might try to break her down, but she will never be affected given how strong her struggles have made her.

“I’m glad I really went through the fire. I’m a tough cookie. Take my video, put it out, whatever you want to dissect, and how you want to present me to the world. Black propaganda, you could do whatever; set my house on fire, but you will not break me again,” affirmed the actress.


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