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Beauty Gonzalez talks about handling issues and seeing bashing as a blessing

Beauty Gonzalez at the GMA ball in July 2023

Beauty Gonzalez at the GMA ball in July 2023

In a candid chat with Boy Abunda on Fast Talk, actress Beauty Gonzalez looked back at the time she turned heads (and raised eyebrows) for sporting excavated jewelry at the GMA ball in July. 

Despite being under the cultural critic’s microscope, Beauty stood her ground, opting for a dignified silence at the height of the controversy, confident that she hadn’t crossed any lines.

“I used not to speak at that time because it’s a very unending conversation. I believe in what she believes. I also believe in what I believe. I don’t think I did something wrong,” Gonzalez said, highlighting her resilience amidst the storm.

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Deep-seated pride

At 32, the actress revealed her deep-seated pride in wearing jewelry crafted by Filipino hands from centuries ago. 

Passionate about collecting relics, she wanted to make a bold statement at the GMA ball, proudly declaring, “I don’t even know if it’s really real because I got it from collectors. I love collecting stuff. I want to wear something made in the Philippines. Ginawa ng mga Filipino, a thousand years ago. I was really proud of wearing it because, hindi ko pinatunaw, it is what it is.”

Beauty Gonzalez always danced to her own beat where she explained her desire to be different and authentic, steering clear of the typical Western jewelry parade that would tend to dominate such events.

“‘Cause I know everybody will wear Western jewelry, I want to be different. I want to be myself. I want to be authentic, like if everybody can wear Tiffany, I can have my own and nobody can have it,” she boldly declared.

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Refreshing perspective on negative comments

Addressing the negative comments that came her way, Gonzalez adopted a refreshing perspective. 

“We were laughing about it. That’s okay; every bashing is a blessing, she said.

“Don’t take it wrong; hindi ka naman nakapatay ng tao, hindi ka nagkidnap, hindi ka nangholdap, you are just wearing art, and art is not to be understood; the more it’s not understood, the more beautiful it is,” Gonzalez said as she showed resilience and grace in facing the criticisms. 

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Staying true to oneself

Amid the potential controversy, Gonzalez stood her ground, expressing a willingness to hand over the jewelry if proven to be someone else’s property. However, she underscored the sentimental value, emphasizing the years of love and collection shared with her husband.

“I was willing to give it basta maganda ‘yung pwesto, may pangalan namin doon cause it’s years of love and collection of me and my husband. And they never called; apparently, we don’t have a machine here to really tell if it’s coming from that place or whatever,” she shared.

Beauty Gonzalez’s journey serves as a reminder that in a world of opinions, staying true to oneself is a form of art—a unique masterpiece worth celebrating.

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