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FACES OF CEBU: Zoe Cameron, 21, Miss Cebu 2024

CEBU CITY, Philippines – In a dazzling display of grace, poise, and unwavering confidence, 21-year-old, Zoe Cameron emerged victorious in the Miss Cebu 2024 pageant last January 17, 2024.

This year’s coronation witnessed a spectacular showcase of talent, wit, and charisma, from the pageant’s 12 contestants, as the newly crowned beauty queen stole the spotlight and etched her name into the prestigious Miss Cebu pageant.

Zoe Cameron

(Center) Coronation of Miss Cebu 2024 Zoe Cameron with Mayor Michael Rama (Right) and Cebu City’s First Lady, Malou Rama. (Left)

Who is Zoe Cameron?

Hailing from Basak, Lapu-Lapu City, and pursuing a degree in BSBA Financial Management, this 21-year-old is the eldest of five siblings and a passionate sports enthusiast excelling in basketball and volleyball.

Having a strong commitment to academics, Cameron consistently demonstrates leadership, evident in her journey to becoming Miss Cebu 2024.

Her remarkable leadership stood out during the preliminaries and, notably, in the question and answer portion of the coronation night. She addressed the issue of social media usage among the young generation.

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“The Q and A was really timely because it really tackled a specific issue that we’re dealing it now. Being part of the Gen Z generation for me is empowering because it makes me feel like a leader. I am placed in this decision with a purpose and that is to be a role model for all of these children, all of these young women,” Zoe told CDN Digital.

The Sacrifices Behind Her Journey to Miss Cebu

Throughout the 5-month preparation for one of Cebu’s prestigious pageants, Cameron made significant sacrifices as she strived to maintain a delicate balance between her personal life and education while fulfilling her responsibilities as a dedicated contestant in the pageant.

“I had to juggle between my academics and also the Miss Cebu schedule, and the Miss schedule was no joke.”

Cameron then adds that amidst the busy schedules and the missed dates and other activities, she doesn’t regret joining the pageant for it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

It was tough, but in a good way, it pushed me from where I am today,” Cameron said as she smiled.

Zoe’s mission: Youth empowerment

For her reign, Cameron told CDN Digital that she would put her sole focus on youth empowerment, mainly in sports and education.

During the interview, Zoe mentioned that her sisters are currently attending a public school. While she is grateful for the education they receive, she acknowledges that facilities in some public schools require significant improvement to function effectively.

Zoe Cameron

Zoe Cameron (third from right) with her entire family. Photo by: Sheila Cameron/ FB

Consequently, she has added this issue to her checklist to address as the new Miss Cebu.

I think that in order for a child to attain quality education, they need to be in an environment that is clean, well-kept, and up to that standard because the children deserve that.”

Cameron is deeply passionate about youth empowerment, a driving force throughout the entire competition. Cameron plans to promptly collaborate with the organizations she has been involved with, such as Sisters of Mary- Talisay and Playmates Sports Development Ambassadress, while also seeking partnerships with both the public and private sectors.

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I want to create programs and activities that would reach more kids, and women because I want to be someone who will have a fruitful reign, and hopefully by the end of the year I will be one of those who will contribute to a much more prosperous, and brighter, Singapore-like Cebu,” Cameron added.

Zoe’s message for Miss Cebu hopefuls

For the Cebuanas who are aspiring to be contestants for next year’s Miss Cebu pageant, Zoe Cameron encourages them to believe in themselves first, before taking up the challenge of a lifetime.

All I want to say is believe in yourselves, just be yourself. The Miss Cebu pageant is going to choose who will be the best representative for Cebu, but that doesn’t mean that you need to change yourself. You just really have to bring out that Cebuana in you.”

Zoe Cameron

Zoe Cameron, Miss Cebu 2024


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