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Introducing Magnus: Netizens’ beloved ‘Fluffy Boi’

CONSOLACION, Cebu – “Is dinner served, or should I be the one getting my dinner?”

People who find it easy to converse may consider this line normal, but have you ever thought about how some dogs convey their emotions?

In Batangas, Philippines, Magnus, the lovable golden retriever, made rounds online for carrying his doggy bowl when hungry, causing a sensation on the internet, and charming netizens with his cute antics.

Meet Magnus’ Family

Magnus, the delightful golden retriever, resides in Batangas with his devoted fur parents, Rudj Alejo and Clarissa Alejo who wholeheartedly love their fur baby, and have created a warm and nurturing environment for him in their household.

In turn, the pup, alongside his three other golden siblings – Maggie, Mikey, and the eight-year-old Zoe – has become the heart of their home, bringing joy and laughter to every corner.

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Fur parents Rudj and Clarissa Alejo pose with their furry golden retrievers, (left to right): Mikey, Zoe, Maggie, and Magnus, alongside their Chihuahua sister in the center. 

The Alejo family, showering unwavering affection on Magnus and his siblings, embodies the essence of a happy and loving pet-parent relationship that any family can achieve with sufficient effort and time.

Magnus and his funny antics

One day, seizing the perfect moment during dinner, Magnus’s fur parents decided to capture him in action carrying his dog bowl. Little did they know that the latter’s charming antics would resonate with people worldwide.

The picture quickly went viral, and the internet fell head over paws for Magnus and his cute plate-carrying theatrics.

What added to the cute charm of Magnus’s plate-carrying antics was the backstory. In a brief interview with CDN Digital, the Alejos shared that their fur baby exhibited this behavior only during that particular moment, and surprisingly, has continued this adorable habit to this day.

“that’s the first time na ginawa nyan so after that naging mannerism na nya mam pag uhaw sya kukunin nya then ibabagsak sa paanan po,” Magnus’ fur-parent mentioned.

Netizens adored his mannerism and shared their own experiences with their fur babies.

In a world often stressed and challenged, Magnus, the golden retriever from Batangas, becomes a source of joy and positivity.

His charming mannerisms, captured in pictures, keep spreading smiles and laughter, reminding us to appreciate the little things – like a golden retriever carrying his plate with style.

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