‘Sad Boi’: How to spot one

CEBU CITY, Philippines – Novice or no novice, love can make us a bit blind to the risks, even with the people we’re into right now.

If you’re on the hunt or finding true love in these modern times and want to save time and effort in the process of knowing the person, you might want to read this article to figure out the ways to spot, and avoid a “Sad Boi”.

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Gaslighter yarn? Drop that!

Ever knew the term “Gaslight”?

According to Merriam-Webster, gaslighting refers to engaging in a prolonged process of psychological manipulation, causing the victim to doubt the validity of their thoughts, perception of reality, memories, and experiences.

In a specific context, it occurs when the person you are currently involved with uses your own words against you to inflict harm, which often emerges during fights. A gaslighter’s motto? “It’s always someone’s fault”.

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Busog-Lusog ba sa “Love Bombing”?

We get it, receiving love and attention from the person you love the most. But what if the love feels kind of “overboard”? Maybe you’re a victim of “Love Bombing”.

Urban Dictionary defines Love Bombing as the act where someone suddenly returns to shower you with over-the-top displays of affection, flirtation, etc. Maybe even buying you gifts, and bouquets during the most unexpected of times.

During that sweet moment, you may feel giddy and loved. However, if it continues for several days and you begin to sense that the person is gaining control over you, once you acknowledge it and reject their advances, the “love bomb” suddenly dies down. You got yourself a “love bomber”!

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Says No to Accountability

When in a loving relationship, you start to have a responsibility for the partner you’re seeing with. From simple dates outside the city to dates outside the provinces, you are accountable for both of your lives.

And if the relationship goes serious, you’re also accountable for the things you do during the relationship. And if the partner you’re seeing doesn’t want to be made accountable for those things, then, maybe they’re indeed not that serious for your budding relationship to go further.

Exercise caution but still have fun!

To exercise caution when encountering individuals exhibiting “Sad Boi” traits in relationships is only understandable. While empathy and support are essential in every relationship, it is equally crucial to recognize the importance of maintaining one’s emotional well-being, while still having fun inside the dating world.

By still taking charge of our happiness and fostering individual well-being within the context of a relationship, we contribute to the establishment of a harmonious and mutually fulfilling connection.

Remember that you have the right to enjoy yourself and maintain a healthy relationship at the same time, even when you may feel that you don’t.

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