Easter Sunday marks the beginning of your running journey

CEBU CITY, Philippines— In everything we do, the beginning is always the hardest.

The beginning of doing something new, something we’re doing for the first time in a long while again, or the beginning of doing something we don’t like.

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Beginnings might be the hardest part of doing something, but it can also be the best reward one can give to themselves.

And today, Easter Sunday, open your mind, body, and heart to new beginnings.

Why not start running? Make this day the start of your new direction in life, one where you commit to staying active by simply doing runs.

Don’t fret! CDN Digital together with one of Cebu’s best running coaches, Arvin Loberanis has got you covered.

In this read, coach Arvin shared some tips on how one can start their running journey.

Taking it slow for beginners is very important according to coach Arvin because it may look easy and safe, but running is very prone to injuries if not done right.

Here are some of the tips from Coach Arvin to running beginners:

  1. Walk at least 30 minutes as a warm-up
  2. Jog and walk, do basic running drills.
  3. Since running is very prone to injuries due to direct contact with the ground beginners need to choose a good pair of running shoes that they are comfortable with.
  4. Always keep in mind that we are doing the routine for fun and to become fit and healthy.

Feeling a little shy and intimidated is normal especially when you run in places filled with seasoned runners, but always remember, they too started as beginners.

“This Easter Sunday, as many of us head to beach resorts to celebrate, it’s a wonderful idea to go for a run within the resort, whether it’s around the property or along the sandy beach. It allows us to relax, enjoy our vacation, and still maintain our fitness,” reminds coach Arvin.

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Happy Easter and happy running, Siloys!

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