What we learned from Kathryn Bernardo about moving on

CEBU CITY, Philippines—Kween Kathryn Bernardo is what netizens are calling the young actress who seems to have been living her best life in recent months.

Contrary to what people might think about the aftermath of breakups, Kathryn had a different way of showing how life can still be beautiful even after her breakup with Daniel Padilla.

Kathryn shared an on-and-off-cam romance with Daniel for 11 long years, not something one can easily forget, right?

But the 28-year-old actress keeps showing that life goes on, highlighting finesse in moving on.


Kathryn Bernardo niopen up na sa pagpasaylo human sa panagbuwag nila ni Daniel Padilla

Let’s get down to business and talk about what we’ve learned from Kathryn moving on.

Staying quiet

It is always so easy to talk about what went wrong, what hurt you, and what got in the way of the relationship. But Kathryn decided to keep quiet after their breakup announcement.

Instead of clearing her name or telling her side of the story, she decided to keep it quiet. She said in her recent interview that she didn’t want to come out as the victim. What a strong mindset, right?

Forgiveness is deep

In the same interview, she talked about how she can forgive a person and not let the same person in her life again. This is a thing most of us would find confusing. Forgiving for Kathryn is letting go and sometimes, forgiveness is enough.

Support system

Since the split, Kathryn has been around her closest friends and family who showed nothing but great support for the actress. We may not be hearing their private conversations but we know she found the right ones, seeing how her face lights up in every video and photo they take together.


While she’s enjoying some company, Kathryn has also been enjoying just living her life on her own. We’ve seen her take on more daring roles and do more production numbers that showed a different face to the tiny-bopper actress in the mid-2000s. Not to mention the amazing OOTDs she’s been strutting on the streets and her vacations.

Standing firm

Experiencing a breakup can teach individuals the importance of setting boundaries in relationships. Kathryn may have learned to recognize and assert her own needs and boundaries. She’s just giving everyone an “I know, I’m done” kind of vibe.

Kathryn is a sweetheart to many. Imagine seeing someone so dear go through something so hard and yet she’s shining like never before. Kathryn just showed how moving on can still be classy and clean.

You know what they say, a woman tries and stays for as long as she can, but when she’s done, she’s done. No more turning back.

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