Andi Eigenmann brings brother to IAO, thinks of mom ‘her biggest fan’

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Andi Eigenmann is back to vlogging after the death of her mother, veteran actress, Jacklyn Jose, last month.

In her family’s YouTube channel, Happy Islanders, Andi greeted all their subscribers with a warm smile and her signature isla sunkissed skin.

The vlog is titled “Coming home to Siargao & touring with my little brother.”


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She mentioned that she’s back to making vlogs to show some consistency in showing their simple life on the island.

Andi started to cry when she mentioned the part of her late mother, Jacklyn, as their biggest fan.

“She’s been my biggest fan with everything that I do and she loved watching Happy Islanders and our video all the time.

In fact, when I was able to check her phone, I saw that on her YouTube, the last video she watched was our last Happy Islanders video,” she said.

The actress then continued by saying she is trying to focus on the happier things in life now bringing with her memories of her mom.

Her brother, Gwen, her only brother with the late actress was finally able to visit Siargao and Andi had the best time touring him around her new home.

Gwen is based in the States for his college education.

Andi showed her brother around their favorite spots on the island. They had lunch by the beach together with some of Andi and Philmar’s friends.

Then came the best island experience— surfing.

Gwen was joined by Ellie, his niece, Andi, Philmar, and their young surfers Lilo and Koa.

More clips of the family enjoying Siargao which ended up with Andi and her brother getting tattoos to remember their first time together in Siargao.

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