Mom shares why working-from-home is a blessing

CEBU CITY, Philippines — A huge part of the work force had to work-from-home when the Covid-19 pandemic hit a few years back.

Post-pandemic, many still prefer to work-from home, a set-up that according to studies make employees more productive.

According to studies, employees who work from home focus on getting the job done the soonest possible time because of minimal interruptions.  One of which is that they no longer need to take long coffee breaks to gossip with colleagues.

Working-from-home also allows employees to save a lot of time and energy.  This frees them from the hassle of having to commute, endure the very hot weather and the slow moving traffic in Metro Cebu.

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And the best part is that employees are able to cut their expense on food and travel.

But of course, this kind of a work set up also has its consequences.

There are those who say that working-from-home makes communication very challenging and the distance among employees also delays the process of brainstorming.

Work-From-Home Day

As we celebrate work-from home day, let’s get to know a mother who chose to continue to work-from home instead of staying in an office.

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Meet Veronica Faith Badana-Nadala, 27, a former visa consultant agent turned virtual assistant and a mother to a two-year-old baby girl, Gianna.

Mom shares why working-from-home is such a blessing

Veronica takes care of her daughter, Gianna, while she works from home. | Photo from Veronica Faith Badana-Nadala

Nadala is known by many as a people person.  She loves to be in a crowd and is considered as the life of the party.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, she had to adopt to a lot of changes, including a sudden shift from working at a visa consultancy agency to working-from-home.

Nadala said they also experienced a massive drop in their clients considering that migration and travels were put on hold then.

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But instead of feeling bad about it, she taught herself to learn to accept that her career hump was just temporary.

Then, she learned that she was expecting her first baby.  It was then that she told herself that her having to work-from-home was a blessing because it will allow her more time to take care of her daughter Gianna.

Making a leap

After she gave birth and when Covid-9 restrictions were beginning to loosen, Nadala had to make a decision as to whether or not she wanted to go back to doing office-based work.

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Then, another blessing came.  She was presented with an opportunity to continue to be home-based as a virtual assistant (VA).

While she felt a slight pinch in the heart for leaving a job that she loves, she decide to take a leap and start a new adventure as a mom and VA.

Fast forward to today, two years after she made that big decision,  Nadala said has no regrets.

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Nadala said that working-from-home allowed her to balance the need earn and take care of her daughter and husband, Kent.

Precious gift of time

“One of the most significant advantages of working from home, especially as a mother, is the precious gift of time. Eliminating the daily commute not only saves valuable hours that would otherwise be spent in traffic or on public transportation but also conserves my energy. This reclaimed time and energy can be redirected towards meaningful activities, such as spending quality moments with my daughter,” Nadala told CDN Digital.

But she admits that working-from-home could also become very exhausting especially when her daughter wants to cuddle while she works.

Still, she said the experience is something that she would cherish.

Nadala said that Gianna is growing too fast. She wants to be with her every step of the way to enjoy each moment with her.

“By working from home, I can seamlessly integrate my professional responsibilities with the joys of motherhood. Whether it’s stealing a quick hug during a break or a playful moment during my lunchtime, being present for those spontaneous interactions brings fulfillment. It’s these small yet priceless moments that strengthen the bond between my daughter,” Nadala said.

For Nadala, working-from-home has been immensely beneficial for her and her family because it allows her to be flexible and productive at the same time.

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