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A fiesta of wellness showing the amazing yoga community of Cebu

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Oy! Mamista nata!

A Bisaya line that can get everyone giddy in a second.

Fiestas in the Philippines are always synonymous with happiness and togetherness.

Smiling while doing Inside Flow. | Reynan Opada

This celebration makes everyone feel at home and can finally get to feast on their favorite meals, get to talk to friends and family and most especially get into the different activities that has been prepared.

Over the weekend, fitness and wellness enthusiast were treated to different kind of fiesta all thanks to a yoga teacher’s idea, Sepfry Grace Rivera and her team from Dawata Wellness.


Rocket Yoga class by teacher Jason Robles. | StillsbyJem

For two straight days, people got to experience whole day of yoga and other physical activities through its celebration Dawata Fiesta.


Yoga beyond the poses

Yoga: Breathing in the present moment

It was also a nostalgic weekend with the different street food, like ice scramble, cotton candy, taho, and many more. There were also Pinoy games played by adults who showed their prowess in bato-lata, Chinese garter, and the famous game Maria Went To Town.

Dawata Fiesta

Chinese garter competition. | Freeze Frame Fotos

This was a fiesta that made everyone feel safe, happy, and just recharge even just for a couple of hours.

Yoga in Cebu

The yoga community, or the wellness community, in Cebu has been growing in numbers over the years.

Here’s why:

Warm Welcomes

Stepping into a yoga studio in Cebu feels like entering a friend’s cozy living room. Everyone greets you with a smile, creating an instant sense of belonging.

Judgment-Free Zone

In Cebu’s yoga community, there’s no need to worry about judgment or comparison. Everyone is encouraged to practice at their own pace, fostering a supportive environment where you can truly be yourself.

Open Hearts

Whether you’re sharing your joys or struggles, you’ll find open hearts and listening ears in Cebu’s yoga circles. It’s a place where people come together to uplift and encourage one another.

Respectful Spaces

Cebu’s yoga studios prioritize respect for everyone’s journey. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned yogi, your practice is honored and respected without pressure or expectations.

Empowering Encounters

Through yoga, people in Cebu empower each other to embrace their strengths and vulnerabilities. It’s a space where you can let your guard down, explore new horizons, and grow in confidence and self-acceptance.

The fiesta served as a beautiful reflection of how the community comes as one to celebrate their yoga practices, their connection with others and most especially reconnecting with themselves after living a world full of pressures and stressors.


Inhale the good stuff, exhale the negativities. | Hulag Ieye

In Cebu’s yoga community, safety isn’t just about physical comfort—it’s about feeling emotionally supported, accepted, and empowered to be your authentic self.

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