Passwords: Should you share them with your partners? Read on

CEBU CITY, Philippines—Are you comfortable in sharing your passwords even to your partners or is it just too much for others?

Let’s talk about this topic today as we celebrate World Password Day.

CDN Digital asks Siloys what they think about the issue on sharing passwords with your partners.


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While others are open to the idea or are even doing it, others are still against it saying that even when you are a couple one should still have their own privacy when it comes to these things.


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Some see sharing of passwords as a requirement for a relationship, but others see sharing of passwords as too much and can sometimes make them feel a little too controlled.

Let’s read some of the comments from our Siloy Asks post:

Whether or not you agree to sharing your passwords with your partners, family or friends, just make sure you are doing it and knowing its pros and cons.

There might be some passwords that you would need to share with your partner or family for emergency purposes, but it is also nice to leave some to yourself when it comes to keeping something to yourself.

In the digital age, sharing passwords might seem like the ultimate trust fall, but hey, let’s keep some mystery in the relationship – because love shouldn’t come with a login.

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