‘Tambag’ from our Bisaya mothers about our love lives

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Love makes the world go round.

Love makes people laugh and feel butterflies in their stomach.

Love gives us headaches and heartaches.

Love according to our mothers is a deep feeling and connection with someone.


Since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, (May 12, 2024)  let’s touch base with the words of wisdom our Bisaya moms tell us about this thing called love.


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Are you ready? Don’t smile just yet, we’ll start with the easy ones down to the “hardcore” ones.

MO ABOT RA LAGE NA [It’ll come] :

When we talk about our love life and how it’s been taking cupid so long to shoot that arrow to our partners, our mothers would often remind us to just take it easy and be patient. The love of your life will come eventually, adding that the waiting season is important in finding the real one.

Let’s just hope our “the one” will find us in this lifetime.

MAGLINYA NA SILA IG HUMAN NIMO’G SKWELA [ Suitors will line up after you graduate from school]:

Just to make us feel at ease while we were still studying about not having a partner yet, they often make it as a reward after we finish school. They would make it look like after graduating, suitors or prospects will come knocking on our doors.

Just a survey, was there ever a line for you?

AYAW’G PAMUGOS [Don’t force it]

When we start to share about the turmoil in our relationship or our crush not messaging us back, they would often put a dot to everything and just say, “let that go and don’t force it.”

Forcing things will make you look desperate and needy. Let it flow. If they want you, good. If they don’t, it will always be their loss.

AYAW’G HILAKI [Don’t cry over it]

Bisaya mothers show their love best through tough love. If they get to see you cry over a person who broke your heart, they will always remind you of who you are before that person and will remind you of how amazing you will be after that person. That’s why they will always tell us not to cry over a person who did not see our worth.

“Ayg’ hilaki ang ga sayang-sayang nimo.”

SABTA SAB GUD: [Try to understand]:

While we often hear our mothers siding with us when it comes to our “chesmes” (gossips) about our love life, when they see that it we are the ones at fault, they will make us feel that we, too, need to listen to our partners and meet in the middle to get things done.

In the end, whether in Cebuano or any language, a mother’s advice on love is often a delightful blend of caution, humor, and timeless wisdom.

Ultimately, love is best enjoyed with laughter and a mother’s guidance.

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