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The pros and cons of biking  

CEBU CITY, Philippines–Cycling or biking remains one of the most popular outdoor sports for many Cebuanos up to this day.

From being an alternative means of transportation and, at the same time, a hyped up sport during the Covid-19 pandemic, cycling eventually became a mainstay in Cebu’s vibrant sports scene. 

Every weekend, Cebuanos get to test their mettle in various cycling events organized by various groups, which in return keeps the enthusiasm high among the local cycling community. 


Cyclists practice at the Il Corso grounds at the South Road Properties in Cebu City in this photo taken April 27, 2021.

Whether it’s a road bike, mountain bike, a fixie, or a BMX, Cebuanos love to saddle up and ride through its busy streets, especially some of its scenic routes such as the Transcentral Highway. 


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Most importantly, it produced numerous talented cyclists such as back-to-back national road bike champion, Jonel Carcueva, champion siblings Lovely and Leslie Gitaruelas, and other notable athletes who were discovered in this sport. 

Besides a popular sport, cycling is also an excellent form of exercise. Some also use biking as their means of transportation to work.

However, cycling also comes with its own downside, especially road-related accidents and injuries. 

With all these in mind, here is a detailed list of the pros and cons of cycling that every Cebuano cyclist must know as we celebrate National Bike to Work day today, May 17. 


San Juan City opens its new pop-up bike lanes on June 3, 2020, World Bicycle Day, as part of the city government’s efforts to promote cycling among residents. — INQUIRER FILE/GRIG C. MONTEGRANDE


Eco friendly

Cycling/biking doesn’t burn any fossil fuels at all, what it burns are calories. Thus, cycling is a surefire way to contribute back to Mother Nature instead of driving your car to work or other places. 

Healthy exercise

Cycling several kilometers either from home to work or school is beneficial to your overall health and well-being. Aside from helping you lose weight, it also helps in building muscles, particularly the lower part of your body. In comparison, driving your car or commuting in a jeepney or bus 

Money saver

It’s a no-brainer that cycling helps you save a lot of money especially if you use it for transportation. In contrast, you’ll spend more than a thousand pesos to fill up your car with gas or perhaps spend it on bus, taxi, or jeepney fare. 

Space saver

A typical road bike or mountain bike takes very little space to store. Thus, it’s ideal for those living in small spaces such as boarding house, studio apartments or condo units. 

Traffic beater

One of Cebu City’s perennial problems is traffic. During rush hours, Cebuano motorists suffer from traffic gridlock, making cycling a viable transportation option to beat the traffic and cut the travel time significantly. 


file photo



Cycling exposes you to different kinds of weather. When it’s raining you must find a shelter to stay dry, which consumes a lot of your time. When it’s too hot, you easily get dehydrated, risking yourself to heat stroke.

Road hazards

Cebu City’s thoroughfares aren’t biker-friendly despite the bike lanes being installed in 2021 by the city government. Sadly, many motorists up to this day don’t have proper traffic etiquette to share the road with cyclists and vice versa. In addition, many portions of Cebu City’s major roads have huge potholes and uneven surfaces posing hazard to cyclists. 

Accident prone

Similar to road hazard, cycling is highly prone to accidents, given riding one requires balance that’s easily disrupted by either human or terrain, especially on a busy street or perhaps a unruly driver or even a fellow cyclist. 

Wardrobe restriction

You can’t bike and wear a short skirt or wear  heels. Aside from exposing yourself to accidents, it’s also completely uncomfortable to wear certain styles while youre pedalling on your bike. It requires a set of clothing that offers comfort and mobility. 

Price tag

Unless you don’t entirely mind the quality of your bicycle, buying is an investment. A ‘decent’ quality bike is usually priced at P10,000 to P20,000, while expensive bikes can cost more than a hundred thousand pesos, especially if you want those made from carbon or titanium alloy with rare features.


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