A treat for the graduates awaits at SM Seaside Cebu

By: - May 16, 2024

After several years of hard work, endless exams, and sleepless nights spent studying, the end is in sight. Graduation season is finally here! Let your beloved graduates know that you appreciate all the all-nighters they’ve pulled by giving them a little something to mark the occasion. Just in case you haven’t picked up on the hints they’ve been dropping or are still unsure what to get, choices abound at the biggest mall in Cebu. SM Seaside City Cebu has it all for your tireless achievers, and keep reading how you can get these gifts for less this weekend!

Gadgets for incoming college students 

SM Seaside Graduation


As your kid is shaking off the comforts of high school and stepping into exciting university life, the academic demands will become more challenging. Prepare them for the rigors of higher education with a gadget that can keep up with their needs. A laptop with a good processor will prove an invaluable tool for learning, useful for everything from research to reports. Or you could opt for the lighter and more versatile tablet. But then again, maybe its time to give your teen a more powerful mobile phone. As learning has transitioned more and more to the online sphere, a new gadget for your incoming college freshman is always a good idea. Visit Octagon at the Third Level of the Cube Wing, at the Cyberzone, to find the device with the perfect specifications for your kid and your budget. 

Add a bit of sparkle to adulthood with jewelries 

SM Seaside Graduation


Of course, there’s nothing more traditional to give a new graduate than jewelry. For most of life’s milestones, a little bit of bling is a go-to gift. And nothing shows your love and appreciation for your studious little scholar than precious jewels. You can opt to give them something classic and easy to pair with corporate wear, like a gold chain or stud earrings. Or perhaps something dressier and more ornate for those special dinners with the boss, like an 18-karat pendant or a signet ring. You could even go all-out and get them an heirloom piece, like a diamond necklace, for a real showstopper. Pick out a special piece at reasonable prices at Jay-Ann Jewelry, located at the Third Level of the Mountain Wing.

The ultimate post-grad travel gift

SM Seaside Graduation


Then again, your graduate might be in pursuit of further studies. Grad school can be grueling, and they’ll need to make the most of their holiday break to decompress before jumping into their master’s (or even Ph.D.’s). Gift them a high-quality suite of luggage that’s durable, long lasting, and most importantly of all, stylish. The importance of having a well-made luggage can never be overstated. A good trip begins during packing after all. All of these and more can be found at the Travel Club located at the Second Level, City Wing.

Whatever level you’re graduating from, you’re in for a world of change, and that can be scary. So why don’t you give your graduates the tools they need for a successful transition. They’ve certainly earned it. Visit SM Seaside City Cebu for the best selections of graduation gifts. You can even take advantage of the upcoming Great Seaside Sale, happening this weekend on May 17, 18, and 19, 2024. Sales and discounts of up to 70% off can be found all over the mall, and you can even stand a chance to win a brand-new Suzuki Dzire when you shop on these dates! With a single or accumulated P1000 receipt, you can join the raffle. 

And heads up, Prestige Card holders! For this Friday, you can enjoy an additional 10% off on top of your discounts. And SMAC holders can get 10% additional discounts on Saturday (May 18) and Sunday (May 19) from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the SM Store and other participating SM affiliates. 

It’s a celebration of academic success and great deals this weekend for the Great Seaside Sale! 



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