Cebuano lines our fathers often say that make us shiver

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Fathers are said to be the man of the house.

The man who leads, provides, and protects his family. More often than not, fathers would just sit in one corner with his mouth shut until mom calls for reinforcement.

This is where goosebumps start to show up in our bodies when dad starts to put down that newspaper, takes off his glasses, and gets up from his trusty chair.

Time to brace for impact.


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Some dads are soft spoken, while others are a bit blunt about how they express their thoughts.

But there’s a big percentage that these Cebuano phrases have been uttered by your papa, dad, or tatay.

Andam na mo? (Are you ready?)

This Father’s Day 2024, which will be celebrated on June 16, CDN Digital shares these Cebuano lines our fathers often say that make us shiver.

Kinsa o Unsa Ato Ba?

Have you ever tried introducing someone or something to your dad and after a few minutes after doing the introduction, you asked their opinions or asked something, they go and ask you “kinsa ato ba?” (who among them?) or “asa gani ato?” (where among those areas?) Don’t get them wrong, they just need a little more time in processing new information, or for some days, they are naturally forgetful.

Ayaw huwata ako’y mobarog ha

Game over, buds! When dad says this line, that means he has been patient for quite a long time and is not dealing with anymore slacking in the household. It’s just like saying, “Hold my drink, let me do it.” If he gets up and does things by himself, cancel your plans, you’re not realizing any of it until further notice.

Saba na kaayo inyong mama, molihok mo or di?

When mom taps her tag team partner that’s when you know you gotta be best friends with your siblings or else it’ll not be a good day for everyone. Either you do the chores or get the silent treatment. Yikes!


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Mao na imong uyab?

*Swallows a big lump of saliva before answering*

When this line comes up, it can be a good thing sign or a bad sign. When you introduce your partner for the first time to dad, it is always the hardest, but imagine if you just bump into your dad in a mall with your partner and he goes and ask you this question.  How would you react?


One word that gets everyone to move as swift as they can. Or if not, make them shut up and raise the white flag. When dad starts counting you know things are about to get serious.

This one is not a phrase, but rather something that we all can relate to and would want to make us rush home.

This honorable mention is when this phrase comes up on our phones:

“Missed call from Papa”

Don’t even try to make up an excuse and just make your way home as fast as you can. When he calls you again expect a calm voice saying “asa naman ka? mouli paka?”

Our fathers may always seem like they let our mothers take control of things, but we know that our fathers are still the captains of our ship.

Without their efforts to provide and sustain their families, they truly are the unsung heroes of our daily lives.

This Father’s Day give your dad an extra tight hug as a gesture of how your grateful for them.

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