The Eidil Fitr – festival of fast breaking 2015 – 1436 hijrah

By: Ustadz Haron Magadapa July 12,2015 - 02:29 PM

The EIDIL FITR is better known as the festival of fast breaking (SAWM). It is an annual Assembly among all Muslims all over the world in their respective areas.

The celebration of 2015 – 1436 H. EIDEL FITR will be on Friday July 17, 2015, because of what Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) said: “Fast when you have seen the appearance of new moon.” But if one fails to see the new moon make shaaban month (30) thirty days so this year 2015, Ramadhan started on  Wednesday, June 17, 2015.

The (HIKMA) Wisdom of EID – feast in this world is remembrance of EID – feast in life hereafter, (YAUMOL QIYAMAH) people from all walks of life gather in  a wide open-air area. Some believers are in fine new clothes, adorn their homes with lights and decorations, give treats to their children and enjoy visits with friends and family. All of which are in remembrance of a feast in the life hereafter (YAUMOL QIYAMAH).

Every EID – feast is a thanksgiving day on joyful atmosphere in offering their gratitude to God (Allah) (S.W.T.) in helping them in his mercy to fulfill their spiritual obligations by fasting during Ramadhan. Devout Muslims  express their thanks  to God (Allah) by distributing alms to the  poor and needy.

Muslims all around the world make a fresh start of the day by  worshipping  God (Allah)  glorifying his name and demonstrate their remembrance of his favor, this include prayers for their love one who are deceased, the cheerful  visiting of the sick, the utterance of good wishes, (TAH’NIAT BIL EID),  cordial greetings to absentees.

EID – feast is a day of victory of an individual who had succeeded in securing the spiritual rights, proving  himself to be of strong willpower. It is a sign of victorious spirit that he/she proved in RAMADHAN. That he/she has control over and above his/her desires and  ego; starting and exercising high levels of morality by way of self-control over his desires, acquiring the best qualities, the power to control himself, acquiring strong discipline by curbing  his/her vices; and refraining from jealousy and  greed which are the cause of enslavement of oneself.

EID – feast is a harvest day for all Muslims all over the world, achievers, working in service on their part for the Almighty God (Allah) (S.W.T.). The faithful believers reap the fruits of their good deeds. On this day, every member of the Muslim community reaps while some receive (ZAKAT AL-FITR) in one way or another, especially for those who sincerely observe the festival with a sharing of their blessings with their fellow believers in the community by feeding the poor and making contributions to mosques.

EID –  is a day of forgiveness; Muslim pray for forgiveness and strength. God (Allah) (S.W.T.) said in the Holy Qur’an as it was stipulate in the (SURAH AL-ALA) or the most high (AYAT) verse (14), said: But those who prosper are those who purify themselves (15), and glorify the name of their guardians Lord, and leave their hearts in prayer. (16), Nay (behold), ye prefer of this life of this world (17). But the hereafter is better and more enduring (18) and this is in the book of earliest (Revelation) (19) – the book of Abraham and Moses.

Muslims who have  purified themselves in Ramadhan both physically and spiritually  pray for forgiveness and strength on the (EID AL FITR) Festival of the breaking of the Fast. Thus, Almighty God assured those who approach him sincerely with their good  deeds and forgiveness. Therefore, Muslims  feel  shame before God (Allah) to harbor enmity or ill-feeling toward their brothers, including non-Muslims. On this day, the devout Muslim must forgive those who have done him wrong so that he should be forgiven.

EID AL FITR is a feast day of peace. Muslims establish peace in their hearts by obeying the laws of God and leading disciplined lives. On this day, they conclude a most inviolable treaty of peace with God. Thus, such persons are at peace with God, so they are at peace with themselves and consequently with the rest of the world and most especially with their  community.

*Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him said, “Be extra diligent on this day, the festival of fast breaking or (EIDIL FITR) is the day when God (Allah) forgives our sins  and accepts our prayers and regards us with mercy.”

ZAKATUL-FITR is considered as a seal of fasting on the Month of Ramadhan so that our fasting will be uplifted to the heavens.  Therefore, ZAKATUL-FITR should be given earnestly before Eid in congregational prayers, so that the (MISKIEN-POKARA) poor or needy may be able to receive in the Eid day in festive and cheerful spirit at least one full meal.

Eid Festival is a day of peace, a day of Islam and a day of God.

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