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Malka Shaver

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A foodie with a sweet tooth, a voracious reader, a classic rock nerd, an extroverted introvert, an Aries —the new Miss Mandaue Malka Shaver spills what  she is outside the glam and off the spotlight.

This Mass Communication  student from Silliman University bested the other candidates with her straightforward and concise answer as to who her presidential bet is.

To quote, “I want to see a Bisaya in Malacañang, and of all the candidates, I think that he is the most genuine. In all his interviews, I can see how passionate he is and although I may not agree with everything he has done, I have faith in him and a lot of  Filipino people do. I think that’s what we need in a president, a unifying factor for all of us to come together and uplift the Philippines.”

Malka believes in the theory of mind over matter and the laws of attraction and that  was how she managed to stand tall and poised  despite getting cold feet about having to face hundreds of spectators.

The same mind-set enabled her to pull herself together after a recent break-up. Raised by her grandparents, this bubbly Filipino American lady is an avid  fan of literature and self-help books. Clearly, there is more than what meets the eye. With a big appetite for food and books, Miss Mandaue 2016 Malka Shaver claimed she isn’t interesting enough. Well, let us be the judge of that.

How did it feel that day when you came home with the Miss Mandaue  title?

It didn’t sink in yet. Up to now, it still hasn’t. I also won a title before, Miss  Dumaguete, and that didn’t sink in until now. (Laughs). And then I’m Ms. Mandaue. Every time I say that, it feels weird! It’s like the culmination event is over but nothing’s still been decided, but it has, and it was me.

What was running inside your head when you were on stage?

There are usually two things that any candidate could go through. You can either be too nervous or convince yourself that you love it. I love having make-up on and feeling beautiful, walking the ramp and being stared at. I guess I forced myself to think of it that way.

How did you prep for this?

Before the pageant, I just listen to good music, so I’m like positive and filled with good vibes. And the crowd and the judges can sense that. I’m not so tensed or so serious like, “I really want to win this!” It’s just like, “I’m happy, thankful, and beautiful”. You know, light and easy… and not come off as nervous or else I wouldn’t have had enjoyed it.

I kept saying to myself “Give me good vibes”, and then just trying to talk and laugh. All the girls were waiting in one place and I could feel the tension building up. So when were all told to gather in this area, I didn’t! I went outside! (Laughs). I went to the balcony and listened to music, pacing back and forth to get the blood flowing or else my whole body would get cold. I was so nervous and I was just trying to be positive.

What were your thoughts during the Q & A  portion?

I didn’t have thoughts at all! The question didn’t register to me right away. I was the last one being called and we had headphones on with loud music.

We were at side of the stage, and the lights everywhere brought me to a feeling of trance or something. When I was called and it was my turn to go, there were lights in front and I was just trying to hear whatever the host was saying and to respond to it.

Where you confident that you will nail it?

No! I wasn’t sure! (Laughs). I must have heard the question wrong when the whole thing was over. Someone was interviewing me while I was still on stage and had my photo taken. I was asked, “Was that really your answer or did you mishear the question?” I was like, “Why, what was the question exactly?” The introduction was so long, I only got the last part of it. I was also disoriented. (Laughs).



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Malka Shaver

So, did you actually vote for Duterte?
It was supposed to be my first if I had voted but I wasn’t able to go home in time to vote in Dumaguete.

Who pushed you to join the pageant?

It was not like I needed pushing. (Laughs). Well, maybe I did back in 2014. I took a break for a year and I was just judging pageants. But then
after a while, I started to miss the hype of the pageant, the backstage and everything.

So when my handler for Miss Dumaguete told me that Miss Mandaue is open to all, and that she has a friend who’s a designer, and she will handle me. So I was like, “Yeah, OK”. Anyway, I had nothing to do for the summer.

So, it’s just a casual talk?
Yeah! Though I had  mentioned before that if there’d be another pageant, I would like to join again. I felt like I was letting go of myself.

What do you mean?

Before I joined Miss Dumaguete, I was chubby. I was forced to work out so whether I win or lose, there’s still a win in the end. I’d be able to take care of myself and develop myself. I don’t want to be stuck in a rut where nothing excites me anymore. I wanted to grow, get out of the comfort zone.

This is the same mind-set you had when you were on stage.

Yes. It’s like the Law of Attraction.

Have you read the book?

I saw the video when I was a kid. You only attract positivity if you think positive. The world will give you good karma. It’s crazy and weird how accurate it is.

What are you reading now?

Now? I don’t want to reveal. I feel like it should be kept secret. (Laughs). But I really like literature and classic books.  The Picture of Dorian Gray, “The only way to avoid temptation is to yield to it”. It was so dark.  It was making my soul evil. (Laughs). Also, the Mockingjay series because it’s so communistic, and I went to UP before.

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Malka Shaver

What do you love to do?

I love watching TV series! Like Game of Thrones, and Vikings. I dance to Latino beats. I like karaoke! I’m going to find my own group to have a regular session with. (Laughs).

What kind of songs do you like?

I love old songs. The Beatles. Led Zeppelin. Def Leppard. Classic rocks, those corny ’80s power ballads. My parents were in a band before. My mom was the lead singer and my dad was the guitarist. That was how they met. They’re both “cool” and unstable — and in love. (Laughs).
Would you say you’re an introvert or extrovert?

I used to think I was an introvert but now, I come to think of it, I’m an extrovert. I get energy from people.

What are your plans when your studies?

I don’t know when I’m going to graduate because I might transfer here (Cebu) again. That’s the thing. If opportunities are available, I would really like to practice my field.

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Malka Shaver

Broadcast or print journalism?

Broadcasting maybe, but something less serious. I get easily affected. People have died, or if there’s a shortage of rice… that gets me sad. I get easily carried away. I might end up giving all my money away. I’m an Aries, you know. We are passionate and emotional. Do you think I’m stupid for believing in astrology? (Laughs).

Would you consider joining Miss Cebu?

I don’t know. I don’t like to think far ahead. I just won Miss Mandaue. I feel like I just have to be happy before I have to be nervous again. It’s like enjoying your meal and not feeling guilty until you’re done eating it.

Is there anything you’d like to share?
I thought I was interesting… until now. (Laughs).



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