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‘Ang Modernong Mga Abat’

“The White Lady” by Kriss Milan

“The White Lady” by Kriss Milan

Bringing mythical creatures to life

KRISS Milan, a University of the Philippines-Cebu student, brings back to life the country’s ancient mythical creatures in the contemporary world with his neophyte art exhibit “Ang Modernong Mga Abat.”

The exhibit has eight digital art installations, each rendering two-dimensional holographic images of modern reinterpretations of the Philippine monsters and beasts that have lived in the stories of the Filipino people for centuries.

Milan’s 2D images are created through a cross of digital photography and digital painting. With a reinvented multi-colored studio lighting setup and heavy digital manipulation, he is able to show the vibrancy of Philippine culture in hyper realistic images of the manananggal, duwende, sirena, and kapre among others.

“Ang Modernong Mga Abat” is an exhibit that aims to remind the audience about the mythical creatures of our country’s past that continue to live on today, their stories serving as reminders of our modern monsters.



A striking piece in the exhibit is that of the manananggal—a vampire-like Philippine mythical creature that feeds on the flesh of man and other vulnerable lower creatures. But to Milan, the manananggal is a representation of manipulative people who would prey on the weaknesses of other people to get what they want.

The exhibit is on at the Don Sergio Osmeña Sr. Memorabilia and CAP Art Gallery in Osmeña Boulevard until May 24.

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